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At Lyfe Medical Wellness, we pride ourselves on our professional and welcoming approach to your healthcare needs. With a focus on anti-aging and rejuvenation, we have the latest technology in our field.

Our team of highly trained and experienced healthcare professionals will guide you through a range of services. Whether it’s health and well being analysis through our comprehensive testing offerings, to therapies that rejuvenate, we’re on hand to support. Working with your test results, medical history, and health-related goals, we work with you to create a tailor-made, holistic program.

We’re lucky to call one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands, Phuket, our home.

Our Departments

client and doctor at Lyfe Medical Wellness

A simple way to improve your quality of life. Meet with our doctor to fine tune and bring back your youth, good shape, sharp decision, performance, and perfect look

AESTHETIC & BEAUTY Lyfe Medical Wellness

Beauty services and treatments both for facial and body to enhance your features and restore a youthful appearance

physiotherapy lyfe medical wellness

Whether you suffer from an acute injury or a chronic disorder, we provide pain management program to help with your recovery process.

hypnosis - Lyfe Medical Wellness

Our holistic approach offers treatment for body, mind, spirit, and emotions to optimal your health and wellness.

 Lyfe Medical Wellness’s mission looked at one core principle: life, and what makes it better. Our team of highly trained and experienced healthcare professionals will guide you through a range of services.


“A Partner To Your Optimal Health”

Robin Holmgren
Robin Holmgren
08:52 16 Jan 20
Vi er utrolig fornøyd etter å ha besøkt Lyfe klinikken i Rawai Phuket og vår IV behandling. Takk til Jenna for raske svar vi e-post, og fantastisk mottakelse på klinikken. Dere gjorde alt for at vi skulle ha det komfortabelt under de 2 dagene vi fikk behandling. Anbefales på det sterkeste.
Bill A
Bill A
05:21 10 Jan 20
Epithalon and Thymalin injections from Lyfe proved to have an astonishing impact on my telomere length. In December, a retest showed that my ten-day series of injections in June had boosted my short telomeres from 17th percentile (at 4,379 bp) to normal 50th percentile length (5,644 bp)! Of course, after this great success, I repeated the process to get some additional gains.I will continue going to Lyfe for cutting edge anti-aging treatments. (And it helps that the nurses are extremely smart, caring, and professional.)
Elena Beauty
Elena Beauty
02:15 10 Jan 20
Im very happy to find out about this clinic. Very pleased with professional service and staff attitude.I did my aesthetics treatments and very happy with my younger look. I did my health screening also. Bood test and doctors consultation finally helped me to find out the real reason of my health problems. And been provided with healthcare plan. Defently will come back and highly recommend!
Gabriel Cavaglion
Gabriel Cavaglion
08:40 15 Aug 19
First class treatment. Kind staff, spotless clinic and holistic diagnosis and treatment. The doctor approach is very patient, and centered on the multiple relations of many factors of my body. His assumptions and final diagnosis were never considered by my western physicians. And they do make sense. Money is not an issue if you take HEALTH as the first priority. Warmly recommended.
Melanie Alexander
Melanie Alexander
06:15 22 Jan 19
If you're looking for the best possible care for your overall health and wellness, then go and see the team at Lyfe Medical Wellness. They are so wonderfully caring and professional and know their stuff! Highly recommended to everyone in Phuket.
Francisca Zimmermann
Francisca Zimmermann
20:34 26 Dec 18
Beautiful clinic with lovely and very knowledgeable staff. Would definitely recommend!
Nigel T
Nigel T
11:43 12 Nov 18
Professional team – provided good treatment. Lyfe Medical Wellness atmosphere was clean and cozy. Everything Perfect. Thank You
Zoe Macfarlane
Zoe Macfarlane
05:31 23 Mar 18
I went to the Lyfe Medical Wellness yesterday with two friends and I had my first experience with blood ozone therapy and a vitamin IV. I was super impressed as the facilities are spotless and the staff were both knowledgeable and friendly, with a good standard of English spoken throughout. Before my treatments, I met with the doctor and did a Bioscan, which revealed some information about my overall wellbeing, including some info about my heart health and gut bacteria. The doc was great in recommending food as therapy, instead of supplements. I was then taken to a treatment room with lazy-boy recliners for the ozone and IV therapy. I had extra magnesium added, based on my Bioscan results. It was all very sterile and the nurse administering was good fun. I felt a boost in my energy immediately and even more today. Overall a great experience for an affordable price!
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