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At Lyfe Medical Wellness, we’re on hand to support you through any health issues you may be experiencing. We offer the Bioscan to assist in early identification in a quick and painless assessment.

What is the Bioscan?

The Bioscan is a small electronic device that reads our body’s energetic field. During the scan, you’ll hold a small metal tube in your hand for one minute. That’s it. During that time, the Bioscan is assessing your entire body for imbalances and stresses that may be causing health issues. The Bioscan can deliver the result of more than 250 parameters, in 31 different areas — all within seconds. The results come in a handy color-coded report for our experienced doctor to assess. It’s a fantastic starting point for medical exploration, including potential follow-up screening. The Bioscan combines electrical engineering and high-tech research, as well as utilizing biophysics and computer science into one handy device. It may sound complex but the Bioscan machine delivers key ‘warning’ areas within the body, including the vitality and function of every single cell in your body. It’s a fascinating report to review.

What Results Does Bioscan Show?

Key organ areas that are often raised on the Bioscan reports include cardiovascular, liver, kidney, skin, and digestive functions. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to screen your vitamin and mineral deficiencies, as well as amino acids and trace elements. If you are feeling generally unwell and have been yet to identify where your body’s imbalance is occurring, talk to our friendly team about booking a Bioscan appointment. After your efficient Bioscan assessment, you’ll meet with our experienced doctor to discuss your results and any follow-up testing or treatment recommendations. At Lyfe Medical Wellness we take a holistic approach to addressing any health imbalances.

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