Every year, hundreds of thousands of men and women choose Blepharoplasty to improve their image. Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that corrects drooping eyelids, removing excess skin, muscle or fat from around your eyes. As you age, gravity occurs and muscles weaken, stretching both your upper and lower eyelids. Droopy eyelids not only make you look older but – more problematic – they can impair your vision, particularly in the periphery. Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid or eyelift surgery, also removes puffiness and bags under the eyes that make you look worn and tired.

Whether you are choosing blepharoplasty to correct medical or cosmetic problems, it’s a practical technique that is adept at resolving your problem areas. To discuss your personal blepharoplasty requirements, you’ll meet with our knowledgeable and experienced ENT surgeon. Together you’ll review your medical history, including previous surgeries, as well as your motivations for this surgical procedure and work together to create a tailored plan.

At Lyfe Medical Wellness, blepharoplasty is an outpatient procedure so you’ll be able to return to your accommodation on the same day as your surgery. If you are having all four eyelids operated on, the upper lids are corrected first. Using incisions along the natural lines of your eyelids, excess skin and fat will be removed before very delicate stitches close the cuts. Lower lid blepharoplasty may not require stitches at all.

If you are looking to maintain your privacy around this procedure, this can be guaranteed during a stay in Thailand. The recovery time is typically 10-14 days – the optimal amount of time to enjoy the beauty of our Rawai location in sunny Thailand.

Reasons you may consider blepharoplasty include:

  • Genetically baggy eyelids
  • Drooping upper eyelids
  • Excess skin on your lower eyelid folds
  • Eye puffiness
  • Lack of upper eyelid folds
  • Blurred vision due to drooping eyelids
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