Medical Professionals

Doctor Sutthi Sawetsuthiphan M.D.

Doctor Sutthi Sawetsuthiphan M.D.
  • Graduated medical school from Prince of Songkhla university Thailand 1988
  • Practice as family doctor in Pang-Nga and Phuket province 1988-2013
  • Post graduate training Anti-aging medicine with Professor Michael Klentze, E.C.A.R.E.(Europian center for aging research & education) in 2013-2016,
  • Chelation therapy certificate from Thai chelation medical association in 2014,
  • Certificate of attendance 5th introduction to practical cell therapy 2015 Association of cell therapy, Thai.
  • New approach in hormonal treatment Department of medical service, Ministry of public health Thailand in 2016,
  • Certificate of attendance 8 th , 9 th , 10 th A4M Thailand congress on anti-aging in 2016-2018,
  • Certificate Plant based nutrition with T. Colin Campbell Center for nutrition studies through e Cornell university in 2018,
  • Certificate of attendance regenerative medicine: Attended the experience with Enzyme therapy February 2019 Thai Integrative Medical Association.

Doctor Chayanis Pornkeratiwat M.D.

Doctor Chayanis Pornkeratiwat M.D. Lyfe Medical Wellness

Graduated from China University, Shenyang, China. Her past years experience built up her skillful alternative cancer treatments, life style management and detoxification.

Her additional trainings in anti aging are benefit to help with preventive and rejuvenated purpose of Lyfe Medical Wellness clients.

Sawatchai Nawakitrangsan M.D.

doctor Lyfe Medical Wellness

Dr. Sawatchai is a specialist in E.N.T from Price of Songkha University.  He proceed his study in facial plastic surgery from Korea.   He has experience in facial plastic surgery over 10 years, his specialty is rhinoplasty and blephaloplasty.

Dr. Sawatchai has also continued his study in aesthetic and dermatology since 2015.  His specialty in this field includes botox, filler and thread lifting.
He is currently holding a position of a head of ENT Center in one of the leading hospital as well as having his own facial plastic surgery clinic.

Samawadee Chokethinsakul (Medical Management Manager)

Samawadee Chokethinsakul (Medical Management Manager)

Nurse Aom graduated from Prince of Songkha University.   Her experience over 10 years includes aesthetic nursing care, orthopedics nursing care, rehabilitation, rejuvenation and preventive care.    She also continues her training in many areas includes preventive, regenerative medicine, alternative medicine and aesthetic medicine. Nurse Aom gains high level of nursing management throughout her senior nursing positions. With her experience in this level, she will ensure nursing care, patient safety, infectious control and standard precaution at Lyfe Medical Wellness meet with medical standard and clients satisfactory.

Preeyanuch Kotchompoo (Registered Nurse)

Preeyanuch Kotchompoo (Registered Nurse)

After graduation from  Khon Kean University, nurse Ging continue her dream job in nursing service helping patients in many fields.  She has specialization in orthopedic care and plastic surgery.  Her experience in customer service department and her personal passion make her level of service outstanding, raising continuously excellence comments to Lyfe Medical Wellness.

Chadchompoo Choonukit (Registered Nurse)

Chadchompoo Choonukit (Registered Nurse)

Nurse Jane graduated from Price of Songkha University. With her experience as a registered nurse in the leading hospitals over 10 years in various area; OPD, plastic surgery, pediatric and VIP patients expand her knowledge not in nursing care but also nursing skills.

Health and Wellness Practitioners

Bochakorn (Maam) Boonserm – TCM Practitioner

Maam nurse

“Wholism” concept in TCM and TTM refer to general view of human body as a single, integrated entity that inter-relates with nature. Human body composes of varieties of tissues and organs; each of these performs a particular and mutual function and contributes to the life activities of the whole body.

The principle treatment of acupuncture and visceral organs massage are synergistically dissolve the accumulated negative emotions that impaired physical, emotional, and spiritual functions. Once the wisdom of “Chi” is activated and freed, the process of healing and generating vital force energy can be accomplished.
Bochakorn began her education in conventional medicine as a nurse, then alters and embraces herself into
natural healing and integrative medicine soon after.

She is certified Health and Science in Nutrition and Western Herbal Medicine trained in Australia, and has a post graduate in Acupuncture and Moxibusion from University ofChinese Traditional Medicine in Nanjing and Shanghai.

Susanna Eduini Wellness Activist & Self-Actualization Coach & Trainer ~ Author ~ TEDx Speaker

Susanna Eduini Wellness Activist

Originally from Italy and now living in Phuket, Susanna is a Breathwork Master Practitioner with more than 20 years of experience.
She is also a professional coach skilled in Executive Development, Career Development and Self-Actualization Coaching, with a demonstrated history of working in the professional wellness, training & coaching industry.
Author and TEDx speaker, her work has been endorsed and appraised by an international clientele and audience.

Susanna holds a certification in Neuro-Semantics and as a trainer her work is a unique blend of ancient and modern world, through breathwork, Energy transformation practices, coaching, neuro-science, myth, folk tales and anthropology to reveal how our thoughts and choices can shape our life.
She is the co-author of three best-sellers books about vegan lifestyle and raw food (published in Italy) and she’s working on her fourth book.

Inspired by Abraham Maslow’s quote “Impossible means you haven’t found the solution yet” she is committed to put together inspiring success stories, decades of research and her own unique personal experience of more than 20 years in USA, Europe, China and South-East Asia, to support people to become more motivated, more passionate and successful with love and a renewed sense of purpose and personal excellence.

  • Neuro-Semantic Coaching © and NLP Coaching Patterns © (Fast Phobia Cure, Time-Line Technology, Access Your Personal Genius and others)
  • Rebirthing Breathwork Practice
  • Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy 
  • The Science of Well-Being and Happiness training (Yale University)
  • Energy Healing Practice (Reiki, Vibrational Therapies)

Liana Rader – Energy Healer and Holistic Wellness Coach

Liana Radar - Energy Healer and Holistic Wellness Coach Lyfe Medical Wellness

Energy Healer and Holistic Wellness Coach, qualified in alternative body/mind/soul therapies. Focused on helping others find balance and inner peace. Guiding others to reconnect to their inner wisdom and express their true potential for lifelong physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well- being.

Trirayada (Bowl) Chainuy Physiotherapist

Trirayada (Bowl) Chainuy Physiotherapist

Graduated with Bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy from Walailak University. Over 10 years experience of physiotherapy practice in hospitals over 10 years.  Bowl has successfully healed people from around the world to over come a variety of musculoskeletal and neurologic issue. Her specialty covers area of lower back pain , joint stiffness, knee sprain, chronic office syndrome, sport injury etc.

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