Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+)

NAD Therapy

The therapy to take the flight against aging to a cellular level.

NAD+ is an advance IV therapy for anti aging, brain health, post co-vid recovery and overall well being.   NAD+ is a natural treatment that is used to slow down the aging process while supporting and optimizing critical body processes.  The treatment also helps strengthen and activate the immune system.

What is NAD+

Nicotimatide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is one of the most important coenzyme your body and is present in all your cells.  It is known to be involved in over 500 different reactions that keep cells in good health.   Think of NAD+ as the electricity that charge the batteries of your cells (called mitochondria).   All cells have a large amounts of mitochondira and each requires NAD+ for energy to function at optimal levels.  Increasing NAD+ levels supercharges the batteries of your cells which get depleted as you age.   By the time you reach the age of 40, over 50% of your NAD+ levels has been depleted.   This decline leads to aging, health conditions and other serious diseases.   Recharging your cells with NAD+ will significantly improve your health and benefit the processes associated with health longevity and aging.


Is it Right for me?

NAD+ therapy can help individuals who are

-        Interested in extending their lifespan and healthspan

-        Recovering from post-covid infection

-        Seeking to increase energy levels and reduce fatique

-        Interested in restoring neurological function

-        Experience cognitive decline

-        Desire to restore muscle strength and function

-        Accelerating weight loss programs

Advance Anti Aging Treatment

-        It is natural – a derivative of vitamin B, NAD+ is found in every cell in the body.

-        It is restorative – NAD+ helps your cells heal and helps with cellular regeneration.   Essential for anti-aging.

-        It is fuel – NAD+ is a crucial substance in the production of ATP for energy in your body.   Keeps your cells in optimal health.

-        It is balancing – it helps balance the body by repairing the mitochondria – the powerhouse of your cells.

-        It is protective – NAD+ has shown to be both neuro-protective and neuro-regenerating to improve brain health.

NAD+ Anti-Aging Mechanisms :

-        Promote cellular regeneration

-        Increase DNA repair

-        Contribute to longer telomere

-        Support energy production

-        Promote chromosome health

-        Enhance neurotransmitter levels

-        Activiate Sirtuins (superhero genes)

-        Boost immune-cells signaling