Vitamin IV Therapies


Energy Booster

Our basic vitamin cocktail formula increases energy and provides mental balance

This formula is designed to help you bounce back from low energy and fatigue. It’s also a beneficial blend of vitamins and minerals to assist in relieving anxiety, depression and sleep disorders. This formula can help with recuperation from acute asthma attacks, upper respiratory tract infections, chronic sinus infections, seasonal allergies, migraine headaches, muscle spasms, and menstrual cramps.

60 minutes


Immune Booster

Perfect for a compromised immune system, designed to strengthen and enhance

The right dose of vitamin C has been scientifically proven to reduce the length of colds and fevers. Our high-dose vitamin IV drip delivers the optimal amount to limit your discomfort from viral or upper respiratory infections. Our formula also is an effective weapon in immune functionality; strengthening the immune cells and assisting in stopping the spread of cancer cells.

60 minutes


Beauty Skin Booster

For tight, glowing, and beautiful skin, this collagen enhancer delivers great results

For fabulous and radiant skin, our high-dose antioxidant formula not only slows the rate of free radicals in your body, but it also raises your collagen levels. You’ll receive amino acids included in this Beauty Booster recipe, assisting with delivering younger-looking, more luminous skin. This is the perfect package if you’re focusing on anti-aging and rejuvenation.

60 minutes


Fitness Booster

If you’re training hard, this formula assists in enhancing performance and stamina

If you’re working hard during your exercise routines, this Fitness Booster vitamin IV therapy is going to support your performance and stamina, as well as help you build muscle. As a bonus, the highly active amino acids assist in improving your mood, strengthening your immune system, and sharpening your brain and mental clarity.

60 minutes


Premium Performance Booster

Stimulate DNA repair against aging and degenerative diseases with this recipe

If you’re looking for a first-class energy injection, our Premium Performance Booster delivers. With its comprehensive ingredient list, this vitamin IV therapy will help improve thyroid functionality, provide an immune boost, balance hormones, as well as assisting in detoxification. This formula begins a process of DNA repair, a helpful tool to fight against degenerative diseases and aging.

150 minutes


Premium Liver Detox

A vital formula to remove toxins, allowing for stress reduction and well-being improvements

The main function of your liver is to filter the blood and place it through a process of detoxification to enhance your body’s performance. A compromised liver can create a build-up of toxins, weakening the body. This is where the Lyfe Medical Wellness Premium Liver Detoxification comes in. With two-step targeted formula, it works to remove toxins from the body’s storage (phase 1), before stimulating the metabolization and removal or them (phase 2).

2 hours


Heavy Metal Detox

Heavy metals cause a number of health issues, this formula removes heavy metal traces from your bodys

Heavy metals can wreak havoc on your body, creating imbalances that can lead to chronic disease. Symptoms of heavy metal toxicity include brain fog, autoimmune diseases, joint and muscle pain, mood swings and depression, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome. This important detoxification formula will remove these toxins, allowing for improvements in your cognition, heart health, as well as lowering the risk of cancer.

180 minutes


Blood Ozone

An optimal immune system booster that detoxifies the body and works in conjunction with the IV formulas listed heres

For a powerful healing treatment, consider ozone therapy. Effective in strengthening the immune system, killing bacteria and viruses on contact, and reducing inflammation and acidity in the body, it’s grown in popularity as a supportive therapy against a range of diseases, including cancer.

90 minutes


Energy Booster Premium

Our premium vitamin cocktail formula increases energy and provides mental balance

For more chronic conditions, or for those requiring a more powerful boost, the higher-grade formula in this package delivers multi-vitamins and antioxidants in the quickest manner possible. Our Energy Booster Premium is optimal for a range of conditions, including chronic fatigue symptoms, fibromyalgia, painful menstrual cramps, and migraine headaches.

120 minutes


Hangover Booster

Our hangover formula has been designed to rehydrate and provide a vitamin boost to assist in a quick recovery

A little too much indulgence on a night out drinking can cause dehydration, mineral and vitamin losses, as well as liver inflammation, leaving you feeling miserable. Our hangover formula has been designed to rehydrate and provide a vitamin boost to assist in a quick recovery. Combining a nutrient formula and antioxidants for alcohol detoxification, this is the quickest method to return energy and vitality across your body, allowing you to continue on with your day.

60 minutes