Bochakorn (Maam) Boonserm TCM Practitioner

Wholismconcept in TCM and TTM refer to general view of human body as a single, integrated entity that interrelates with nature. Human body composes of varieties of tissues and organs; each of these performs a particular and mutual function and contributes to the life activities of the whole body

The principle treatment of acupuncture and visceral organs massage are synergistically dissolve the accumulated negative emotions that impaired physical, emotional, and spiritual functions. Once the wisdom of Chiis activated and freed, the process of healing and generating vital force energy can be accomplished

Bochakorn began her education in conventional medicine as a nurse, then alters and embraces herself into natural healing and integrative medicine soon after. She is certified Health and Science in Nutrition and Western Herbal Medicine trained in Australia, and has a post graduate in Acupuncture and Moxibusion from University of Chinese Traditional Medicine in Nanjing and Shanghai