Life After Lockdown – How to Go Back to Work

The pandemic is not over yet. But do you ponder what will the world be like once the restrictions are lifted? or what is life in ‘new normality’? Countries are now taking slow steps in getting things back to normal. But the truth is – businesses will never be back as usual. There will be a noticeable difference in how we interact and socialize. Our routines will change. Everything will be different and under control to avoid a new surge of infection or maybe, until a vaccine becomes available. People are understandably anxious when its time for them to go back to work. Here are 3 tips to be safely back to work in the new normal and make that transition smoother. 

Tip # 1. Master the lessons we learn during the pandemic.

corona virus

It is no secret how the contagion has impacted our lives. The constant admonition of the government and communities become our daily playlist. Number one on the list is to keep at a safe distance. Whether at work or in a grocery store, maintain social distancing. Avoid common public spaces like toilets, when necessary. Steer clear from social gatherings or attending events with a large crowd. When we speak of proper hygiene, coronavirus taught us how to perform proper handwashing. We should wash our hands at least 20 seconds, the World Health Organization says. Proper handwashing does not only prevent the spread of COVID-19 but also helps the immune system strong and reduces the risk of contracting other viral infections. It is the simplest way to protect yourself and others. Wash hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds or sing the ‘Happy birthday’ song twice! However, if this option is not available, have an alcohol-based sanitizer handy.

Tip # 2. Invest in immune system boosters.

Immune booster

Did you get your recent flu treatment? If not, don’t fret. Coronavirus strikes at the vulnerability of people with a weakened immune system and poor health conditions. Immune system boosters are formulated immune system vitamins and energy boosters. They are supplements that you take daily to keep you healthy and to help fight off infections. While they can be naturally obtained from food, we don’t always consume the right amount to protect us from pathogens. Immune system boosters are available over the counter and don’t require a doctor’s prescription. Vitamin D and Vitamin C are the two strongest immune system boosters. They strengthen your bodies and protect them against the flu and other respiratory problems. People who have altered sensation of taste or have difficulty swallowing oral form of immune system boosters can opt for Vitamin C drip. It is the safest and quickest method to enhance natural killer cell activity by neutralizing microbes and producing important antibodies. Are you looking for immune system Vitamin C in Phuket, Thailand? Click Vitamin IV therapy near me

Tip # 3. Boost your natural killer (NK) cells.

NK cells

NK-immunity cells are the most aggressive lymphocytes in the body. They act as soldiers attacking the tumor cells, microbes, and other abnormal cells. Unfortunately, natural killer cells in the body decline in number as we age or if we are ill. As a result, it cripples the immune response and your ability to fight infections. NK immune therapy is a great natural cancer fighter of the body, providing you a better immune response particularly against COVID-19. NK immune therapy involves the collection of your blood sample, around 60 mls. The cells will then be cultured in the laboratory until they are cultivated up to 5 billions cells. After two weeks, the enhanced NK cells are infused back to your body. The procedure may be repeated every 2 weeks if NK cells activity is low and infected with virus or cancer 

To end, with all the restrictions and complicated guidelines issued by the government every day, people will find their way to adjust to what is now called new normality. There is life after a lockdown. It is the reality and the possibility. Yes, many of us will feel strange, indifferent, and uncomfortable but surely our minds and bodies will conform to this new situation. By then, we have mastered the skills of social distancing and protecting ourselves from any form of unprecedented danger. Many of us are now in a bumpy ride but will be out of the woods soon – and accept what is new normal.

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