• How does ozone therapy work?

    Ozone treatments work by stimulating the acceptance of oxygen in your body – consider it a flood of oxygen to your cells. When you get the optimal amount of oxygen to your cells, a healing response is triggered. The active oxidizers in the ozone therapy burn up toxins, microbes and waste products. Furthermore, your red blood cells also get a boost as the cell flexibility is restored thanks to the increased oxygen.

  • What kind of ozone treatments do you offer?

    At Lyfe Medical Wellness, we offer blood, rectal, vaginal, and skin ozone treatments. Our most popular application is the blood ozone, due to its clinical administration and relaxing environment during the therapy. Ask us about the different ways we can administer your ozone therapy if you are uncomfortable with needles.

  • Can I have treatment for ozone therapy and the vitamin IVs at the same time?

    While you cannot have the two therapies at the same time, we do recommend following the ozone therapy with our IV energy booster treatments. By choosing this protocol, you maximize the benefits of the vitamins received, ensuring more energy is delivered quickly to your body.

  • How often can I do ozone therapy?

    We recommend four days between treatments. If you are nearby long term, a weekly visit will bring optimal results.

  • Do I need to do anything to prepare for my ozone therapy session?

    One day before your appointment, add antioxidants to your diet, particularly vitamin A, E, and C. On the day of your ozone treatment, it is recommended that you enjoy a light meal with no protein or vitamin C an hour or more before your appointment. After your therapy, you are free to eat your regular diet as normal. It’s important that you increase your water intake for 24 hours post-therapy to flush out any toxins the ozone has released. It is also helpful to take vitamin A, B-complex, C, zinc, and selenium an hour after your therapy.

    If you are on any prescription medication and under 50, it is recommended that you take it 4 hours before your Lyfe Medical ozone therapy appointment. If you are over 50, please leave 6 hours between your medication and your ozone session.

  • How does vitamin C IV and ozone therapy work together?

    The high level of vitamin C administered intravenously in our Energy Booster IV package works as a pro-oxidant, not an anti-oxidant as it does in pill or powder form. The pro-oxidant effect creates a reaction in your cells, generating free radicals and healing your body in the same way the ozone does.

    While the complement of ozone and IV therapy is recommended, we do not advise for pill or powder dosages of vitamin C one hour either side of your ozone therapy. Taken too close, it reverses the effect of the ozone treatment.

  • What benefits can I expect from ozone therapy?

    As the extra oxygen enters your body, your compromised tissues and organs quickly — almost greedily – soak up that dose. The ozone stimulates your white blood cells, reduces inflammation, and stimulates an underactive immune system. If you have a bacterial or viral infection, the ozone begins destroying it quickly.

    The extra oxygen is like a boost to your cells too, allowing your red blood cells to move around your blood, tissues, and organs. Most noteworthy, this gives a much-appreciated energy boost, particularly for those over 30.

  • Does ozone therapy have any side effects?

    At Lyfe Medical Wellness, all our nurses are experienced at administering your ozone therapy and this ensures you are not in any danger when you undergo the treatment. After an ozone session, dependent on your level of wellness when you visit us, you may get a headache or feel fatigued. This is a mild detoxification process and rarely lasts more than half a day. If you experience this, we recommend you visit for another session to continue your cleanse. Furthermore, drink plenty of water in the 24 hours that follow your ozone therapy session.

  • Do I need to see my doctor before getting ozone therapy?

    While we have our own doctor at Lyfe Medical Wellness, if you are pregnant, on anti-hypertension medication, have issues with your blood, or are concerned about any other medical condition, we recommend you seek advice from the appropriate medical practitioner before booking your ozone therapy appointment with us.

  • Will ozone help me detoxify my body?

    Absolutely! The primary function of ozone is to cleanse and it is one of the most potent ways to rid your body of toxins. So many health issues start with the build-up of toxins – from our food, water, and the environment – with toxins causing blockages throughout the body. By cleansing every cell in your body, you’re creating space for the body to perform all its functions at the highest level.

  • What health conditions does ozone aid?

    Ozone is used to assist in the healing of a wide range of conditions – too many to list here! Compromised immune systems, digestive diseases, bacterial infections, Lyme disease, viral conditions, multiple sclerosis and even cancer and AIDS benefit from ozone therapy. It is a great addition to your current medical protocol. In addition, it’s a fantastic tool against allergies and food intolerances.

  • Does ozone therapy work as a cancer treatment?

    While ozone therapy is not advised as a standalone treatment for cancer, it is a powerful support for other therapies. Patients have found benefit in the oxygen level changes in tissues, cells, and organs, as well as the stimulation of the immune system. Ozone treatment inhibits the growth of cancer cells, as well as assisting in reducing the unwelcome side effects of chemotherapy.

  • Do I need to be unwell to benefit from ozone therapy?

    Ozone therapy can be a useful treatment to maintain good health. Even if your body is experiencing optimal conditions – great diet, balanced fitness routine, plenty of rest – you’re still subjected to pollutants and chemicals that surround us daily. The air we breathe these days has only 17% oxygen in it — we originally started with 21%!  By adding ozone to your regular wellness routine, you combat these external pressures and oxygen shortage, allowing your lifestyle to gain maximum benefits.

  • I’m interested in reversing the aging process; will ozone help?

    Ozone is a powerful weapon in the anti-aging battle as raising your oxygen levels in your blood and cells is critical. By regularly receiving ozone therapy, particularly autohemotherapy (blood administration), you’re able to revitalize the body and improve the condition of your skin. Expect compliments!

  • What is the history of ozone?

    The discovery of ozone in the 1840s was a huge advantage to humanity. It is used in so many ways – from removing color, odors, and taste, to bacterial disinfection and viral inactivation. Nikola Tesla patented the first ozone generator in 1900. During World War I, ozone was used for wound cleaning. Now, the opportunity for ozone therapy has been enhanced, with different application methods available to boost your health and rid your body of unwanted cells.

  • Is ozone toxic?

    If ozone is inhaled directly it can cause issues with your lungs. If low amounts are inhaled, it can also cause chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath, throat irritation, and lung irritation. As we mainly treat our clients with blood ozone, these risks are almost at zero. The duration of exposure plays its part in the damage caused.