Pure Spa Body Massage

  • Pure candle massage 90 mins

    Candles have been a part of prayer and magic for thousands of years. Therapeutically, they can impart a sense of comfort and serenity. Massage candles are a special, new kind of candles which have various uses. They generally work as a candle, massage oil, has moisturizer. Massage candles have natural ingredients. They are made from pure essential oils, are organic and offer an absolute aromatherapy experience.

    2,500 THB

  • Deep tissues massage 60/90 mins

    A medium to strong massage with oil. An adapted from all the massage techniques are suitable for guest who like a full body massage but prefers full body weight pressure to thumb, palm and elbow pressure. Improve blood circulation, alleviate soreness of the muscles, and balance the body and the mind.

    1,800/1,200 THB

  • Traditional Thai massage 60/90 mins

    An ancient art of traditional Thai massage offering physical and mental well balance by pressing bending and stretching techniques to improve blood circulation, flexibility and energy flow as it relaxes tensed muscles and ligaments. This is particularly beneficial for strained joints, stressed muscles and body aches. The treatment leaves you with a feeling of lightness of being.

    950/1,400 THB

  • Swedish massage 60/90 mins

    A Distinctly-European, full body massage that stimulates blood circulation and soothes tensed muscles. Medium in pressure, this 60- or 90-minute massage utilizes a combination of three basic strokes, long firm strokes, kneading strokes and small circular strokes, to reduce stress.

    1,800/2,200 THB

  • Pregnancy massage 60 mins

    Often, pre-natal women tend to feel discomfort during their pregnancy. The benefits of maternity massage are applying gentle and healing touch to alleviate lower back discomfort, fatigue, and improving elasticity while nourishing the skin. Maternity massage is performed side- and back-lying, by specially trained therapists, to promote comfort during this sensitive time.

    1,800 THB

  • Back massage 30/60 mins

    For the backaches resulting from long hours spent at the desk, this massage serves as a perfect ache relief to iron out tension and pain.

    650/1,200 THB

  • Relaxing Foot massage 30/60 mins

    Pamper your soles with this relaxing massage concentrating on the pressure points to rejuvenate tired, worn muscles from the heel to the tips of the toes.

    650/1,200 THB

  • Head & shoulders massage 30/60 mins

    Head, neck, and shoulder Massage. For those who spend long hours working at the desk or encounter backaches, this massage serves as a perfect tension and ache relief to iron out the tension and pain.

    650/1,200 THB