Pure Spa Retreat Package

  • Back Retreat 90 mins

    A Back Treatment is similar to a facial, the only difference being it is performed on the back instead of the face. Back treatments are great for getting rid of back acne that can sometimes be painful. Many people develop acne or blemishes on their back,Back treatments give you 90 minutes of attention just on your back with exfoliation,massage and heating with thermal bag to stimulate and improve blood circulation

    • Back Scrub
    • Back Massage
    • Warming back

    1,800 THB

  • Foot Retreat 90 mins

    A special foot treatment designed to pamper your feet with foot scrub to removed dead skin, ending with special massage to release the tension and refresh the sole of the feet with deep pressure foot acupressure. Relaxing with the thermal bag treatment to sooth the muscle on the legs and foot.

    • Foot Scrub
    • Foot Massage
    • Foot Wrapping

    1,800 THB

  • Shoulders – Face and Head Retreat 90 mins

    The Relaxing Spa Shoulders-Face and head massage will remove tension and stress from your shoulders, face and head to leave you totally relaxed. This refreshing massage rejuvenates the skin, relaxes the nerve system, and will leave your skin looking younger and brighter.

    • Shoulders Massage
    • Face Massage
    • Head Massage

    1,800 THB