Rhinoplasty, aka a nose job, is popular cosmetic surgery to reshape your nose. It can also be used to improve your breathing. There can be many reasons to opt for rhinoplasty. Whether you’re looking to make your nose larger, smaller, or even change the angle, rhinoplasty is capable of creating permanent change. If you have defects in the nose, it can be used to correct bumps, indentations, reset a broken nose, and improve your nasal functionality.The rhinoplasty procedure is a surgical outpatient procedure onsite at Lyfe Medical Wellness requiring a local anesthetic. You’ll meet with our experienced surgeon to discuss your requirements, medical history, and develop a customized plan. This will factor in the structure of your nose and available materials to create the desired shape. The shape of your face and facial features will also be taken into consideration at this time.

The upper portion of the structure of the nose is bone, with the lower part made from cartilage. While the changes made during a nose job are very small, when recovery is complete they can make a large difference to how the nose functions and looks.

At Lyfe Medical Wellness, we only offer a customized fitting with US-graded silicone to ensure safe application and satisfactory results. The initial recovery time after rhinoplasty is approximately seven days. Recuperating in tropical Thailand allows you an incognito recovery period as you progress through this phase, affording you the opportunity to keep your surgery private if you so wish. If you are planning your medical vacation, note that swelling or bruising may occur for 2-3 weeks post-surgery.

If you have any of the following concerns, please talk to our friendly team:

  • Nasal trauma
  • Genetic defects
  • Respiratory problems
  • Disfigurement from injury
  • Cosmetic changes

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