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If you have any gut health issues, including digestion, or change in bowel habits, the urine indican test is a useful tool in finding the root of the problem. Also known as the Obermeyer Test, the urine indican test measures the degree of intestinal toxins and any excessive bacteria imbalances.

What is an Indican?

Indican is a substance found in the urine of mammals. It’s a by-product of the dietary breakdown of tryptophan, an amino acid. If you’re healthy, your indican levels will be low but in cases of gut dysbiosis or small intestinal overgrowth (SIBO), the urine indican report will show high levels. Typically if you have a yeast infection, your urine indican levels will also be high.

The majority of indican passes through the bowels, as only a small amount travels through your urine. However, this tiny amount within the urine will increase if people are not vigilant with their diets. If you’re eating high protein meals, or generally suffer from poor digestion, indicans are likely to grow. Inefficiencies in the digestion of proteins cause the intestinal bacteria to react and putrefy within the colon. If you’re suffering from stress, have been a little excessive in the alcohol department, or have chronic health issues, it’s worth investing in the urine indican test.

What Conditions Does a High Indican Result Show?

There are many conditions that can also produce excessive urine indicant, these are:

  • Hypochlorhydria (a lack of stomach acid during the digestive process)
  • Insufficient digestive enzymes
  • Excessive bacteria in the small and large intestines
  •  Intestinal parasites
  • Fungal infections
  • Malabsorption syndromes (including Hartnup Disease)
  • Blockages within the intestines
  • Dysfunction of the liver
  • Cancerous cells in the stomach

It is crucial that the body has an optimized ability to digest protein. A compromised digestive system can drastically affect the body and all functions within it. This includes negative effects on glycaemic control, hormones, and hydration. The urine indican test is a simple urine test, taken first thing in the morning and delivered to us immediately. We can provide ice packs and a container to make this a simple drop-off process. Please note it is important that a small amount of protein is absorbed the night before.

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