Acupuncture points are seen as places where nerves, muscles, and connective tissue can be stimulated. The stimulation increases blood flow, while the same time trigger the activity of the body’s natural pain killer 

In some research has find that C-fibers, which a pain receptor are actually branch exactly at the specific acupuncture points, where the bundle of nerves exists to maintain excitement or stimulating. By the insertion of acupuncture needle, it disrupts this circuit and numbs our sensitivity to pain

TCM have believed that the body contains Meridians, these meridians are invisible specific pathways in the body which life force energy call “Qi” flow through.  As long as Qi flow smoothly through the meridians and the organs work in harmony the body can remain healthy 

According to TCM principle ‘The pain” is visualized as a result of the obstruction and stagnation of Qi and blood in the meridian – using acupuncture needle is aim to dredge the meridian, remove the sluggishness of qi and blood and improve flow of vital force, therefore the pain is subsided.

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