Immunity Therapy (NK Therapy)

What is natural killer (NK) cell?

  1. NK cells are the most potent innate immune cells patrolling in the whole body to find and kill cancer cells or virus-infected cells.
  2. The killer function of NK cells declines with aging.

What is an immune system?

The immune system protects the body from bacteria, viruses, parasites, allergens, and cancerous cells. Without the immune system, your body will be vulnerable to diseases. The most important component of the immune system is the white blood cells that are spread out across the body to detect and eliminate infections. 

Type of Immune Cells

NK cells - corona virus treatment


Eat bacteria that found in injuries. antigen on (Educator Cell)

NK cells - corona virus treatment


NK, T-cell and B-cell. Patroling police officers to monitor for abnormal cels and destroys everyday.

NK cells - corona virus treatment


Eat foreign body and present in the surface of cell.

Importance of Immune Cells for COVID 19 PREVENTION

NK Cells Therapy follows Immunity Test Result 

NK Activity > 500 pg/ml 

Negative Predictive Value = 98%
(The highest value for all cancer screening tests) 

It means that if you have NK activity value of more than 500, you do not have any cancer right now.  Result of this range will be recommended to follow up with NK Activity check annually. Or maintain your immunity with immunity treatment once a year. 

NK Activity < 500 pg/ml  = Abnormal Low Immunity 

It means there is a higher chance of risk to develop cancer as of low immunity or will have cancer in the future. Result of this range will be recommended for treatment to strengthen immunity.  


  • Collect peripheral blood 50-60 ml
  • Activated by immuomodulation
  • Culture cells up to 2-5 billions cells in 2 weeks
  • Infusion of autologous NK cells

Note :   treatment can be repeated as needed every 2 weeks if NK cells activity is low and infected with virus or cancer