Body Slimming – Cellulite Reduction

Sublimate the shape to emphasize substance. Such is Winback Beauty’s motto, envisioning beauty and well-being from a scientific standpoint to meet the physio-aesthetic needs of your increasingly demanding patients.

Thanks to its stimulating and draining action, tecartherapy provides real benefits as far as beauty and thinness are concerned. By acting at the heart of the skin’s ecosystem, the Winback energy has a unique anti-age effect that speeds up collagen synthesis

  •  Body Shaping (including thighs, buttocks, neckline, arms)
  •  Cellulite Reduction
  •  Belly Slimming
  •  Visceral revascularization and digestion promotion
  •  Stretch Mark Reduction
  •  Total body Relaxation
  •  Anti Aging/ Collagen Promoting Facials
  •  Muscle Tone Promoting Facial