Italian Lift – Tissue Repositioning (Mid face volume with Free Floating Thread)


Thread lifting enjoys a leading position among minimally invasive methods of lifting and rejuvenation of face and body. The producers constantly improve the threads and methods of lifting to achieve maximally visible and prolonged effect. Definisse ™ threads are certified in Europe, Asia include Thailand and are approved for application in more than 90 countries of the world. The main characteristic features of Definisse Free Floating ™ are biodegradable  material caprolactone – hypo allergic and fully compliant with the organism,
availability of special notches which not only ensure reliable lifting and stimulate new collagen, but also help to creation of new «frame» for soft tissues.

Thread lifting Definisse ™ free floating is recommended for correction, lifting and rejuvenating of age changes in the area of  cheeks also formation of contour of face. These threads are made from epsilon-caprolactone – hypo-allergic bioresorbable material which are the new lastest material for longer collagen stimulation. In addition threads are treated with Poly Levo Lactic Acid (PLLA) due to which the effect of instantaneous rejuvenation.


Free Floating (12 cm) is a resorbing thread which is introduced with minimal invasive technique to ensure lifting of sagging tissues. It is an easy, fast and safe procedure. Introduction of Free Floating threads does not require skin cuts and is done with long special cannula. Definisse ™ Free Floating thread has small two direction converging notches. After introducing these notches break open in the surrounding threads, prevent thread displacement and ensure face structure support. Immediately after procedure the patient feels three dimensional lifting which keeps improving within 15-24 months. The process of fibrosis, stimulation of production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin are formed around specific notches in the tissues within 3 months. Free Floating is a perfect solution for malar and cheek zones.


Free Floating does not ensure lifting effect only. These threads improve skin texture. Poly Levo Lactic Acid is a powerful moisturizer, which acts as a strong bio re-vitalizing agent in 3 dimension rehaping face.