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At Lyfe Medical Wellness, we pride ourselves on our professional and welcoming approach to your healthcare needs. With a focus on anti-aging and rejuvenation, we have the latest technology in our field.

Our team of highly trained and experienced healthcare professionals will guide you through a range of services. Whether it’s health and well being analysis through our comprehensive testing offerings, to therapies that rejuvenate, we’re on hand to support. Working with your test results, medical history, and health-related goals, we work with you to create a tailor-made, holistic program.

We’re lucky to call one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands, Phuket, our home.

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Our Departments





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    • JULY 17, 2018
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    A Health Snapshot with the Bioscan

    A Health Snapshot with the Bioscan

    Six months after an ankle fracture and an equal period binge eating chocolate and cakes, I decided it was time to get serious about my health. In line with all good New Year’s resolutions, I searched around for a retreat and late January, I checked in to a top-rated wellness retreat, Phuket Cleanse and somehow stumbled upon

    • NOVEMBER 17, 2016
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    10 Reasons Anti-Aging Isn’t About Your Looks

    10 Reasons Anti-Aging Isn’t About Your Looks

    There has been backlash recently about the anti-aging movement, with concerns that the term often criticises an aging appearance, especially among women. We share our top 10 reasons on how to celebrate aging and focus on full-body rejuvenation instead. Our curated testing and treatment anti-aging protocol extends the quality of your life and therefore, along