5 Myths about Vitamin C You Should Stop Believing Now

5 Myths about Vitamin C You Should Stop Believing Now

Undoubtedly, vitamin C is the most talked-about vitamin, with an exception of vitamin D. Whether we need to boost our immunity or treat cold, vitamin C is the first thing that comes to our mind. Especially in the current COVID-19 pandemic, vitamin C supplements have remained in the discussion. But what the hype is about? Let’s C’ what vitamin C is about!

Why do we need Vitamin C?

Vitamin C aka ascorbic acid is a water-soluble vitamin known for several health benefits. Several benefits of vitamin C are

  • Vitamin C can reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular problems
  • Other than cardiovascular problems, vitamin C can help to prevent other chronic diseases
  • Vitamin C is an immunity booster thus; it can help to prevent diseases
  • You can manage your blood pressure with vitamin C
  • As iron helps to improve iron absorption, it can help to improve iron levels in the body
  • In order to reduce the uric acid level and to prevent a gout attack, vitamin C can be reliable options for you
  • Moreover, vitamin C can protect your memory with ageing.

It is a well-known fact that the deficiencies of this important nutrient can result in a disease like scurvy. With the popularity of this vitamin, there are many misconceptions about this important nutritional element.

Common myths about Vitamin C

Let’s separate vitamin C facts from fiction!

1. Orange juice is the best vitamin C supplement!

It is often said that orange juice can help you with vitamin C deficiency. Well, it can be true in a sense but is citrus a really good source of vitamin C? Yes, it is! But it can’t fulfil all your C deficiencies. In fact, there are many other good food sources that can provide more vitamin C than citrus products.  

2. You can treat your cold with vitamin C

Treating cold with C is probably the oldest use of vitamin C but is there any truth behind it? Of course NOT! Despite thousands of people starting taking vitamin C supplements before the cold and season arrived, it is not found to be beneficial. Vitamin C can improve your immunity in general.  This is an advantage to prevent us from getting the flu.   However, it is not for flu treating in particular.

3. Vitamin C deficiencies are not common.

If you don’t hear of vitamin C deficiency more often, it doesn’t mean it is not common. It is important to know that vitamin C deficiencies are as common as any other nutrient’s deficiency. There is a reason for it; our body can’t produce vitamin C on its own so we have to rely on dietary sources to fulfil our requirement.

Note! On average, 200mg of vitamin C is recommended on a daily basis.

4. Vitamin C can help you to lose weight

I know if you are struggling with weight loss, you will consider every single advice under the sun and vitamin C for weight loss is one of these. But does vitamin C really help you with weight loss? Well, it’s a No; vitamin C intake has nothing to do with weight loss.

However, our body’s ability to use fat as an energy source can depend upon vitamin C, to some extent. So, if you have to lose weight, make sure you are staying adequately active and paying heed to your daily calorie intake, rather than consuming vitamin C.

5. There is nothing as “too much vitamin C”

Excess of everything is bad and vitamin C is no exception to this. Just like any other nutrient, vitamin C deficiency can also be harmful to you. Although the excess vitamin is eliminated from your body via urine still it can be harmful. Consuming vitamin C in surplus can result in bloating, diarrhoea, vomiting, headache, and kidney stones etc.

Takeaway Note!

Vitamin C is an important nutrient that the human body is unable to produce. An adequate amount of vitamin C is essential to perform important body functions such as collagen formation, iron absorption, bone and teeth health etc. Therefore, an adequate amount of vitamin C needs to be taken from the diet as well as supplements.

Just as more vitamin C is harmful; taking enough vitamin C is the right approach!

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