Are Organic Products Really Good For Your Health?

Are Organic Products Really Good For Your Health?

Organic this! Organic that! 

Every other brand now has an organic section that boasts of being healthy and environmentally friendly. There are separate aisles for organic fruits, vegetables, skincare, and clothes. There is no doubt that organic products are sustainable and eco-friendly. Organic agriculture consumes less water and doesn’t destroy the soil and its nutrients with chemicals. But coming to the health aspect, are they really healthy and safe? Are our regular products unsafe? 

Yes. Yes, to both questions. Organic fruits and vegetables are grown without or very fewer amounts of pesticides, which are harmful. The pesticide residues on the fruits and vegetables won’t completely go away, and we end up consuming it. Though it is not proved that organic food’s nutritional value is more than regular food, it is explicit that there are fewer chemicals used, which is great for your health. People who buy organic food also claim that they are way tastier than regular food.

Coming to organic clothes, most people go for organic clothes for their softness and sustainability. These are the people who are worried about the environment and how fast fashion pollutes it. However, it is said that organic cotton clothes are more beneficial for infants and babies. As they have delicate skin, it is suggested that they wear organic clothes. It keeps them away from rashes or irritation as chemicals don’t come in contact with the skin. 

Organic skincare products are also seeing a rise in demand. People have always been fond of skin and beauty-related products, of course, a reason for that being a killer market globally. People who are conscious and concerned about the chemicals that are difficult to pronounce and understand their effect, go for organic products. By using organic products, you allow your skin to heal naturally with any chemicals. There are a lot of people who use home-made face masks and ingredients to get rid of their skin related problems. Going a bit further, they choose their routine products like soaps and shampoos that are organic. As they are used on a daily basis, positive and healthy results are evidently seen. 

Why are organic products expensive? 

Organic products are not meant for mass production. When grown organic, a lot of crops go bad because of the pests and insects. As there is only a minimal amount of pesticides and herbicides used, the production is less. The production process needs more money, and hence the products are expensive. 

Health is our weak point. We tend to go after products that say they are healthy for us. If you introspect, it is just a marketing strategy. Though it is almost impossible in today’s world to entirely shift to organic products, it definitely makes a difference whenever you go for a healthier option in the long term. 

On a personal note, there are more environmental-friendly based benefits than health-related benefits for consumers. If you believe in organic products and being environmentally friendly, there is no second thought. If you are looking for benefits as a consumer, it is not quantifiable how much organic is better than regular but is definitely a safer and healthier option.