Coronavirus Symptoms: What Are They and Should I See a Doctor?

Coronavirus Symptoms: What Are They and Should I See a Doctor?

Recently, we have witnessed the spread of the novel Corona Virus, also known as CoVID-19. The spread and the resultant effects of this disease have been massive, impacting every sector and individual. The world is, in short under siege from the attack of this virus and everyone is limited to their homes. It has created massive health effects, some of which are yet to be observed in the coming days, especially the psychological impact. Many countries have imposed a curfew to ensure the citizens stay at home. NHS has started a campaign urging people to stay indoors to contain the spread of this virus. Those who are tested positive and/or are exhibiting symptoms are put on in quarantine to stop the chain of spread. Some of them, who have got seriously ill are also hospitalized, where they are given medical treatment. There have been many cases that have been fatal even. 

Until 25 March 2020, World health organization reported 425,288 cases, 18,944 deaths, where 109,225 people have recovered. These figures are increasing with each passing minute. In Thailand, there are over 900 positive cases. Further investigation found that the inability of people to cease social activities increased in Corona cases. Even though the doctors and the government were urging people to stay at home, the masses neglected the warnings and requests and didn’t follow the instructions. Let’s see what are those signs and symptoms which one should be cautious about with regards to this disease. Also, some of the alarming signs when medical intervention is necessary.

Corona is a disease that mainly affects the respiratory system. Many of the symptoms are similar to other respiratory diseases like common cold and flu. These similar symptoms make it more difficult to diagnose the disease at the early stages, where the prognosis is good. Following are the cardinal symptoms of Corona as per the guidelines of WHO 

  • High temperature 
  • A new continuous cough
  • Difficulty in breathing

Other nonspecific symptoms include

  • Runny nose
  • sore throat 
  • nasal congestion 
  • Body aches

 Since most of the non-specific symptoms are similar to other diseases, people have been flocking to the healthcare facilities to get themselves tested for corona, and it has created a havoc in the already burdened healthcare system. In the given situation, NHS England has formulated a guideline for people who need to be tested and those who require intervention. This criterion has helped equitable distribution of healthcare to the general population effectively. 

Two of the following symptoms to formulate the Corona Virus diagnosis.

  • High temperature, where one can feel hot temperature by touching at chest or back
  • New Continuous Cough, where a patient suffers from repeated cough
  • Difficulty in breathing

It is important to understand that having these symptoms does not indicate the presence of the virus itself, rather its sort of a screening tool. Other important things are the realization of fact that the normal Flu won’t create severe symptoms such as shortness of breath. Analyzing the severe indicator requires the clear guidance of general practitioners from your Local health services,

What can I do to stay safe

  • The treatment plan of Vitamin C through IV infusion:- ZhiYoungPeng, MD has registered the phase 2 clinical trial to test the effectivity of IV infusion of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a nutrient which acts as an antioxidant, that helps in protecting the cells from multiple damages. The purpose of Vitamin C is to reduce cytokines. On the other hand, Cytokines are proteins that catalyzed lung inflammation resulting in causing significant distress in the respiratory tract. Shortness of breath in CoVID-19 is associated with similar symptoms. The severity can cause deaths. Though statistics revealed that it can decrease the duration of influenza with a high dose. 
  • IV Therapy as an Immune Booster:- The purpose of IV therapy is to aid in the treatment plan to fight against viruses. In northern Virginia, “Core IV Therapy” is providing antiviral doses to boost the immune system. The ingredients comprise a Higher dose of Vitamin C, Lysine, B Complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12), Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper.
  • Natural Killer:- According to Dr. Max Gomez, 80 % of the people suffering from CoVID-19 have recovered on their own. He further quoted that it could be due to the cells of their immune system. Liquid nitrogen tank with two to three hundred thirty degrees below 0 Fahrenheit is utilized to search for the treatment of CoVID-19. Additionally, a renowned cell biologist Dr. Robert Hariri suggested that not every person who is exposed to CoVID-19 gets sick rather NK cells give immunity and protect the body from viruses. The trial is underway and the food and drug authority is expected to further respond in the coming 15 days, where the treatment potentially can be given to the Corona Virus patients. 

Should I see a Doctor?

  • Follow the guidelines published by national health services of your local community
  • Follow precautionary measures
  • Practice self-Quarantine for 7 days if you have symptoms. Also, quarantine for 14 days is recommended for those who came in contact with someone who has the symptoms/disease 
  • If you have traveled or came in contact with someone who has traveled in areas largely hit by this pandemic, you should get yourself screened and go in quarantine. 
  • Make sure to eat healthy, since it boosts up your immune system.
  • Maintain hygiene and social distance as much as possible