Differences Between Ultraformer III And Ultherapy

Differences Between Ultraformer III And Ultherapy

Both Ultherapy and Ultraformer III are nonsurgical skin tightening treatments for face lifting and skin rejuvenation. They have quite a lot in common including the use of an ultrasound technology

Ultherapy is a noninvasive ultrasound skin tightening treatment that uses micro-focused ultrasound energy wave to stimulate the production of collagen.

Ultraformer III is a brand of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound device that is used for a customized treatment procedure for the entire body, neck, and face. It is a noninvasive device that is used for face tightening and lifting, and body contouring and tightening.  SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system) is a layer of tissue deep within the subcutaneous tissue and the skin. It is an important support structure for the face and the manipulation of this anatomic structure changes the face appearance

During aging, the body produces less amount of collagen thereby leading to dry skin and production of wrinkles. There is also loss of SMAS membrane and reduction of skin elasticity during aging thereby resulting in sagging skin. Collagen helps reduce wrinkles and dryness, and also helps in the production of proteins like elastin and fibrillin that helps with skin structuring. Neocollagenesis is the process where the body produces collagen. Instead of surgery, Ultraformer III works on the SMAS located deep below the skin. It uses ultrasound technology to radiate energy to the SMAS layer to tighten and plump the skin by delivering concentrated waves of ultrasound into target areas to induce neocollagenesis in the face while tightening body tissues for contour purposes.

Ultraformer III has a special advantage of having a specialized handpiece that is used to treat sensitive areas, like areas around the eyes and hence can be used to treat saggy eyes. 

Differences Between Ultraformer III And Ultherapy

In Ultherapy, shots take longer time to be delivered as compared to Ultraformer III and as such, it takes about 1.5 to 2 times the time it will take Ultraformer III for the same treatment. Thus, Ultraformer III saves more time. The procedure usually lasts for about 1 -2hrs and the result of this procedure usually appears over 2-3 months but about 20% of the result is seen almost immediately after the treatment.   Most patients only need one treatment but some might benefit from more than one treatment depending on their skin laxity level and their biological response to the treatment and collagen-building process. Patients will still have fresh and young collagen even a year after the procedure but because the skin continues to age, touch up treatments might be needed to keep pace with the aging skin.

During treatment, some patients do not feel any significant discomfort and usually tolerate the treatment well. However, some patients feel significant discomfort or pain during the treatment. This pain is temporary and it’s a signal that the collagen-building process has started. At Lyfe Medical Wellness, we will adjust the procedure based on your response and comfort. We also have other pain coping mechanisms to help tackle the slight pain felt during the treatment.

Ultraformer III system has 4 main components namely the control unit, handpiece, transducers, and cart. Transducers provide simultaneous visualization and treatment.

 A facelift requires surgery. Apart from the risk of infection and more time spent in the hospital, the cost of the surgical face lifting in Thailand could cost between $2000 to over $5000. While Ultraformer III for full facelift costs about 30,000 THB which is less than $1000.