How Many Botox Units Do I Need?

How Many Botox Units Do I Need?

If you are new to Botox, you are probably wondering how many units you will need during treatment to give you the best results. However, people are different, and the results they need from the Botox treatment also differ. This way, it is not possible to give a precise answer when someone asks; how many Botox units do I need? Again, the units required will depend on where the Botox injection is used; units needed for Botox on forehead differ from units needed for Botox under eyes.

To know exactly how many units will suit your face, consult a licensed medical professional in Phuket, Thailand. That said, you can still estimate the dosage you need depending on your gender, age, and location of Botox cosmetic.  

Why Get a Botox Injection?

Botox is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines on your face. With Botox, you can lift your brow to give you a youthful face and make you look less tired. Besides, you can also use Botox under your arms to reduce sweating. Because Botox prohibits muscle contractions on your face, it reduces jaw clenching, consequently reducing headaches and migraines. Medically, Botox corrects spasms of eyelids, neck, and shoulder, crossed eyes, and overactivity of the bladder muscles. You can have Botox for hair, Botox on face, and Botox lips, forehead, underarms, and many other areas of the face and body. 

Units Needed

Your doctor in Rawai, Phuket, will determine the number of units you need. For Botox hair or Botox face, the cosmetologist will examine you to decide how many units will best correct your wrinkles or lines. However, based on the size of your face and the size of your wrinkles, below are the average Botox units needed.

  • 2 – 6 units for the chin
  • 3 – 6 units for the corner of the mouth
  • 5 – 15 units for crow’s feet
  • 2 – 5 units for eyebrows
  • 20 – 50 units for forehead
  • 10 – 30 units for frown lines between eyes
  • 5 – 10 units for lines around the nose
  • 25 – 50 units for neckbands
  • 30 – 100 units for laugh lines/jaw relief

It is the doctor who will determine how many units are enough to give you the results you need without the Botox side effects. Besides that, other factors determine the dosage you need, including:

Muscle Strength

People with stronger muscles, especially on the forehead, will need more units than people with weak facial muscles. This is where gender plays a role – men have stronger facial muscles and will require a higher dosage than women. 

Botox Cost and Your Budget

Botox treatments are not covered by insurance; you have to fund them out of pocket. In Phuket, Thailand, treatments are charged based on the units injected into an area on your face. As such, it is recommended that you only go for Botox treatments if you can afford the full treatment. You can start with an area that needs an immediate refill, say your forehead, the see Botox before and after results before budgeting for the next area. 

Your goals and your metabolism

If you want to finish fine lines, you will need a lower dosage than someone who needs to eradicate wrinkles. All you have to do is walk into a Botox and fillers near me clinic and have the doctor estimate units you need based on your treatment goals. Again, if your metabolism is high – that is, your body processes substances very fast – you will need more frequent Botox treatments than someone with a slower metabolism. You can consult a Botox near me doctor, to know the right dosage for you. The Botox ingredients also determine how fast the body metabolizes the injected contents. 

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