How Much is Botox Injections in Thailand

How Much is Botox Injections in Thailand

The average BOTOX® treatment price ranges from THB 8,000 to THB 20,000 for each area injected. The price of Botox will vary from area to area, number of unit use for injection, brand, origin and quality its product.   

Botox is priced per unit. Units required per treatment may vary depending on the treatment selected, as an example, some facial injections can require 18-24 units. Forehead botox may require up to 20 units per area of the face. Some might require up to 50 units.  Lifting might take up to 100 units.

Botulinum toxin is produced by a specific type of bacteria. In higher amounts, it can be poisonous. However, only small, weaker doses of botulinum toxin are used to reduce facial wrinkles. When botulinum toxin is administered into the desired area, it blocks certain nerve signals that are responsible for the contraction of facial muscles. This causes the muscles to relax, thereby eliminating the wrinkles. This effect usually lasts for about 3–6 months. After that, the muscles move again and wrinkles come back.

Number of Most Common Botox Treatments.

Migraine 30-200 units 

  • Minimize the frequency and severity of migraine 

Forehead Lines 16-40 units

  • Diminish the appearance of forehead lines

Frown Lines 30-200 units

  • Relax lines cause by frowning 

Glabellar Lines 5-15 units 

  • Smooth the vertical lines (the 11’s)

Eyebrow Lifts 6-10 units 

  • Relax the muscle that pull the brow line down 

Crows Feet 24-38 units 

  • Reduce lines from the outer corner of the eyes

Under Eyes Lines 4-10 units 

  • Reduce tiny lines under eyes 

Bunny Lines 6-15 units 

  • Smooth horizontal line on the nose 

Gummy Smile 6-10 units

  • Relax the top lip to reduce a gummy smile 

Lip Lines 4-10 units 

  • Smooth lines on the upper and lower lips 

Bruxism 40-60 units 

  • Prevents teeth grinding and make face more oval 

Marionette Lines 

  • Turn corners of mouth up to improve prejowl