How to Boost Immune System These Days

How to Boost Immune System These Days

Our immune system protects our body from the surrounding environment, this environment contains substances such as microbes or chemicals, which could be hazardous, infectious and damaging to our body, therefore our immune system preserves the integrity of our body. This is mainly achieved by initial recognition of the body by the immune system, then an adequate response to foreign bodies or material in the body is carried out whenever necessary. The immune system often falls at risk, as a result of repeated fights carried out against various foreign material. Therefore, a full medical check-up might be required for an individual.

What Then Does a Full Medical Check-up Entail?

A full medical check-up is a general, and total cross-examination of the body carried out by a certified physician, this is also termed full physical examination. The examination covers almost all the basic systems and vital organs in the body, which often is the metabolic function, kidney, liver, and thyroid. The whole-body check-up includes a detailed analysis of all systems found in the body, this includes evaluation of metabolic, other functions and its other peripheral organs and tissues, diabetes, liver, cancer markers, hormone, gut health, detailed blood profiling, fat profiling, imaging of key areas and detailed specialty consultations. 

In a complete health checkup, in which more than 30 tests are carried out, the cost varies from each geographical location to another. 

Thousands of patients worldwide chose Lyfe Medical Wellness because their goal is to optimize patient’s health, with a professional and welcoming approach to healthcare needs. Also situated at one of Thailand’s most beautiful and serene island Phuket. There a complete medical check-up package includes total blood work, kidney profiling, fat profiling, liver profiling, and general test, along with consultation from the most qualified physicians.

How Can the Immune System Be Boosted?

  1. Complete avoidance of smoke, either by smoking or inhalation.
  2. Consumption of foods high in fruits and vegetables.
  3. Regular exercise.
  4. Keep a healthy weight.
  5. Alcohol taken should be moderate if any.
  6. Adequate and enough sleep and rest.
  7. Prevention of infections, by regular washing of the hands and cooking foods thoroughly, especially meats. 

Supplements can also be taken to boost the immune system, the supplements include 

  1. Vitamin C is the major immune system booster. An insufficient amount or low concentration of vitamin C in the body leads to a high tendency of often ill condition. 
  2. Vitamin B6 is necessary for biochemical reactions in the immune system.
  3. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps the body fight off infection.

To increase rate and absorption in the body, IV therapy can be carried out, IV vitamin therapy is carried out by introducing the vitamin into the body through the vein. The major benefit of this treatment is that nutrients are given straight into the blood.  After an intravenous infusion, the vitamins stay in the system and maintain those levels for 2-3 weeks.

Through the use of vitamin drips, the intravenous infusions could target the immune system especially the immune formula and immunity treatment. In the immune system, natural killer cells are the most aggressive component, they are a sub-type of the white blood cells, referred to as lymphocytes.

Whenever strange materials, foreign cells, and even cancer cells are detected in the body system, the natural killer cells are released into circulation by the body. 

The natural killer cells work by

  • Targets and destroys, aberrant cells, foreign invaders, cancer cells, or cells that are virally infected.
  • The killing of such cells is facilitated by cytotoxic molecules stored in the secretory lysosomes, an organelle in the natural killer cells

Immunity treatment boosts the production of the natural killer cells, in the body, these basic but necessary supplements are provided as part of our therapy program at Lyfe Medical Wellness. 

Also, a part of our immune-boosting program in Laguna Phuket and Rawai branch is the detoxification of the body through ozone therapy. Detoxification is the process of removing toxic materials, from a living body basically carried out naturally by the liver. Our ozone is an alternative way of both boosting and improving the immune system, this is done by administering ozone gas into the body system to treat diseases, infections, wounds, or injuries.