Lyfe’s Precautionary Measure in Fight with COVID-19

Lyfe’s Precautionary Measure in Fight with COVID-19

Majority of the countries have started lifting lockdown restrictions for companies to commence operating their businesses. The Occupation Safety and Health (OSH) has issued guidelines for employers and workers to safeguard the health of staff and customers and lower the risk of exposure to the virus.  At Lyfe Medical Wellness,  safety is our utmost priority. As we embrace the ‘new normal’, we want to keep everyone safe and informed as we keep our business open to our dear customers to serve you better.

About Our Staff

Our staff is prepared and knowledgeable about the signs and symptoms of COVID-19. They undergo training on direct-contact and customer interactions as we re-open our business to the public. Staff who are ill or unwell are expected to stay at home and will not be allowed to work on the premise. 

Customer Guidelines Before the Service

  • The appointment arrangement is pre-requisite. We discourage walk-in customers so that we can limit the number of people on the premise.  We also restrict customer time to 2 hours per visit. To book an appointment with us, contact us online or by telephone. We want to make sure that you get the right service. Services may be however limited or unavailable in observance of COVID-19 guidelines. 
  • Extra customer information. We may need to take additional information from customers for contact tracing should anyone on the premise be affected with the virus. Any personal information obtained will be handled confidentially. 
  • Fever measurement before any service. Fever is a primary symptom of COVID-19. As a precautionary measure, we conduct a fever check using an infrared thermometer for all customers upon arrival.
  • Social distancing arrangement. We observe social distancing by limiting the number of customers on the premise, installing protective screens or physical barriers, and increasing space between work stations. Markings will also be placed at the entries. We encourage customers to use contactless payment for all transactions.
  • Alcohol gel and spray provided. Please use the alcohol gels provided for you in every working station or wherever you are on the premise. 
  • Limit customer-staff contact. We exercise a standard of care and caution, we advise staff and customers to limit physical social contact which includes handshaking, hugging, and kissing on the cheek.

Lyfe’s Precautionary Measure in Fight with COVID-19

Customer Guidelines During the Service

  • Handwashing is strictly observed at all times. We wash our hands every treatment, patient contact, or when necessary. We also encouraged customers to wash their hands or use the designated hand gels in the room particularly upon the arrival to avoid the spread of the virus. 
  • Wearing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Our staff is expected to wear face shields, masks, and gloves at all times. We also request customers to wear a mask when visiting the clinic to reduce the spreading of virus droplets. 

Customer Guidelines After the Service

  • Regular cleaning and disinfecting. We frequently disinfect and deep-clean all service areas, treatment rooms, high touchpoints, and toilets to avoid contamination and the spread of the virus. This also includes the equipment we use for all our services. 
  • Waste management and disposal. We manage our waste accordingly and we ensure proper hygiene practices are followed by our staff when handling and disposing of domestic waste.

Customers who feel unwell or ill are strongly advised to defer or re-arrange appointments until it is safe to do so. 

If you have any questions, or if you wish to arrange an appointment with us, please call +66 94 926 3269.