NAD+ Therapy For Long Covid-19

NAD+ Therapy For Long Covid-19

NAD IV Therapy

NAD IV therapy which stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is a coenzyme that is injected into all living cells within the human body and has even known as the powerful molecule that plays a crucial role in enhancing health and prolonging the lifespan.

Clinical studies and research had established its great benefits towards many functions and the main one in the human body as enhancing the brain health, providing the needed energy, maintaining the needed metabolism that aids in achieving weight loss, and battling many effects of aging and chronic conditions.

You may have heard about the long COVID-19, that term that describes the effects of COVID-19 that lasts for weeks or months beyond the initial illness. There is no surprise that there is a strong link between NAD IV THERAPY and long COVID-19.

Elevated CD38

The evidence here first is that it had been found that the defect of NAD in the context of an elevated CD38, that primary factor related to the covid-19 disease existence and the risk of mortality, as a subclinical nutritional defect related to a significant increase in oxidative stress.
NAD+ levels decrease with age and are also decreased in conditions associated with oxidative stress as occurs with hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. Typically those groups have also been observed to have high mortality following infection with COVID-19.

There are many clinical studies that show how NAD IV THERAPY is effective as a treatment for the effects of long covid-19.

As the patient within the long covid-19 experiences fatigue, general loss of power, inability to do the daily activities due to muscles and joint pain. Besides the change to the sense of smell or taste, and the bad feelings in the form of anxiety and depression.
Here comes the role of NAD IV THERAPY, as it restores the energy levels, fights the oxidative stress that results from the covid-19.
After a long journey of fighting the body against the covid-19, it is normal that the patient will feel mentally burned out. In these situations, NAD IV therapy can help restore the mental state to one filled with energy, and vitality. NAD does this by reenergizing the brain cells, helping the brain recover from fatigue faster.

NAD IV Infusion Therapy

NAD IV infusion therapy has the ability to increase the production of adenosine triphosphate, a chemical that drives energy within the human body from food. This will ultimately result in increased energy levels and help the patient get rid of exhaustion, a weakness that followed covid-19. With shedding the light on the effects of a covid-19 disease more, we can consider that the pain can be a result of cell degeneration and the neuropathic process that emerged from it.

NAD can:

  • Physically improve the health of tissues and blood vessels,
  • ultimately enhancing healing and pain decrease.
  • Besides that, it can also decrease the inflammatory conditions in the body caused by covid-19
  • NAD can enhance several other body functions that are otherwise impacted.

Anxiety And Depression

COVID-19 can also cause anxiety and depression, here is the role of NAD IV THERAPY as it activates sirtuin that protects the nervous system and the brain from deterioration. The more Sirtuin that NAD+ activates, the better the brain and the nervous system functions will be.

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