Ozone Therapy: What is it and How Does it Work?

Ozone Therapy: What is it and How Does it Work?

One of the most popular treatment options at Lyfe Medical Wellness, ozone therapy is a comprehensive treatment that heals the immune system through and through. Even though therapy has been studied and used for over a century, people have only just started becoming aware of all that the treatment option can do for them. Fortunately for many, ozone therapy clinics such as Lyfe Medical Wellness all providing free information regarding ozone therapy treatment, allowing the masses to become more aware of all that they offer. 

Interested in learning more about ozone 3 therapy? Read on to find out as we tell you how o3 ozone therapy works, what it entails, and the benefits that it offers. 

What is ozone therapy?

As mentioned earlier, ozone therapy is a holistic treatment option is known to work effectively on the entire immune system. Ozone – a gas made of three oxygen atoms – is used in the treatment to help fight against free radicals, ultimately helping the body fight diseases and reduce inflammation throughout the body. 

How does o3 ozone therapy work?

While there are a number of different ways in which ozone therapy clinics go about ozone therapy, Lyfe Medical Wellness uses the autohemotherapy technique for added effectiveness. This technique entails drawing blood from the body and infusing it with ozone for added effectiveness. Once this is done, the blood is administrate back into the body by IV in order to prevent problems caused by unhealthy cells. 

The fact that this form of therapy has been around since the last 150 years and is still popular speaks volumes about the effectiveness of ozone therapy treatment. In fact, ozone o3 therapy was also one of the most popular treatment options for soldiers injured in World War I. Fortunately, most ozone therapy clinics today including Lyfe Medical Wellness are equipped with the right tools to help make your ozone therapy experience as convenient, safe, and comfortable as possible. 

What are the benefits of ozone o3 therapy?

There are no doubts about the fact that a treatment option that has only grown in popularity over the last century and a half must have remarkable benefits. Since it was first incorporated as a treatment option in the world of medicine over 150 years ago, ozone therapy has been used extensively to disinfect and treat wounds, reduce inflammation, deal with circulatory disorders, and even for cancer treatment.