Vitamin E- How It Can Benefit Appearance and Skin’s Health?

Vitamin E- How It Can Benefit Appearance and Skin’s Health?

There are thousands of skincare ingredients on the market, vitamin E is one of the most known because of its use and effectiveness. Vitamin E is found in the human body and several food items. You will find this ingredient in several skincare and beauty products, such as creams, moisturisers, serums, lotions and even shampoos. Most people take this nutrient in the form of supplements. In this guide, you will know everything about vitamin E in detail.

What is Vitamin E, and What is the Best Vitamin E Supplement?

Vitamin E- How It Can Benefit Appearance and Skin’s Health?

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Your body needs it to support immunity. Therefore, it can be found in certain foods. However, it is common for its benefits for skin health and appearance. When applied to the face, it reduces inflammation and wrinkles. Now, suppose you’re wondering about what is the best vitamin E supplement. In that case, you should know that naturally, vitamin E is found in vegetable oils, fruits, seeds, and vegetables, which are the best source of Vitamin E. However, most people need to consume oral supplements if directed by a healthcare professional. There are many brands manufacturing vitamin E capsules, soft gels, and pills.

Apply Vitamin E to Your Face as an Overnight Treatment

Vitamin E- How It Can Benefit Appearance and Skin’s Health?

Since vitamin E is an antioxidant, it helps in collagen production, responsible for reducing ageing signs. The oil has a thick consistency and can be used directly on the face as an overnight treatment. Women with early ageing signs apply it before bed so the product can fully absorb the skin overnight. It is used as an overnight treatment because you may have difficulty putting makeup on top of the oil. You might have seen vitamin E in face serums containing vitamin C. They both work better together when applied to the face. While buying skincare products, look for a high concentration of vitamin E. Otherwise, you can go for pure vitamin E oil.

Variety of Vitamin E Products for Face

Vitamin E- How It Can Benefit Appearance and Skin’s Health?

When it comes to the natural supplements of vitamin C, you might be getting enough of it through your diet daily. However, adding more of it through supplements could help speed up cell synthesis and make your skin look healthier. High in vitamin E include seeds, blackberries, avocados, and almonds.

Oral Supplements

Several vitamin E containing oral supplements can support your body’s nutritional needs. Also, oral supplements contain a few other additives beneficial for the skin’s health. You will find a variety of vitamin E oral supplements in the stores and online. However, you must know that an adult should not exceed the daily dose of vitamin E of more than 15 mg.

Vitamin E Masks

For those who don’t want to take oral supplements, face products are also available, and vitamin E masks are one. Beauty mask treatments have skin softening and anti-ageing benefits. Also, the vitamin E in these masks is paired with vitamin C to increase the benefits. You can also make your DIY face masks by combining pure vitamin E and almond oil with a few drops of lemon. It can brighten up your skin and make it clear. However, it is advised to use vitamin E treatments once or twice a week to prevent clogging your skin pores.

Benefits of Vitamin E for Skin

Using vitamin E oil for the skin can help you in several ways. Some of the popular benefits are:


Dark spots or patches are common on the skin and are caused due to hormonal changes, increased melanin production, or a few other causes. Using vitamin E is believed to be effective for treating these spots. The better and more effective way to treat hyperpigmentation is to pair vitamin E with vitamin C.

Wrinkles and Ageing

Since vitamin E is rich in antioxidants, it affects the blood circulation in the face. That’s why people might notice a difference in the firmness of the skin after proper use of vitamin E oil. In many anti-ageing products, vitamin E is used with other ingredients rich in antioxidants. These products delay the appearance of wrinkles and treat fine lines.

Skin and Lips Smoothening

Using vitamin E on the face and lips once or twice a week moisturises skin and prevents dryness. Vitamin E is also used in chapsticks and lip creams to treat chapped and dry lips. Using it on dry skin increases blood circulation, removes dead cells and brings new cells to the skin surface. Also, the thick oily consistency of vitamin E oil prevents skin irritation.

Safety and Precautions

Many ingredients, products, and supplements are not effective for everyone. It doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for everyone if it’s working for you. Since vitamin E has an oily consistency, applying it in the daytime can clog the pores when skin is exposed to dirt or dust. If you experience breakouts or clogged pores after using vitamin E, using it regularly may aggravate the condition. However, in the case of oral supplements, it is safe to be used for a short period but taking them regularly for over a year can reduce your platelet. Therefore, it is better to ask your doctor before starting vitamin E oral supplements.


Vitamin E is one of the known ingredients effective for skin health and appearance. It has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to protect the cells and reduce damage. You can find it in many beauty products, oral supplements, and even in pure oil form. The use of vitamin E fights off free radicals caused by sun exposure, environmental stress and hormonal changes. It is applied at night as a night treatment to reduce the ageing signs, such as fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. However, it can have a few side effects for some people. Therefore, it is advised to ask for your doctor recommendation before using the supplements.