Vitamin IV Therapy – Does it work? What to Expect When Getting an IV Drip

Vitamin IV Therapy – Does it work? What to Expect When Getting an IV Drip

The promise of IV vitamin therapy is very enticing. It is said to boost the immune system, helps with chronic fatigue as well as combat stress. IV vitamin therapy isn’t new but it is recently been topping the wellness trends list for the past two years and it has become widely available not only for the celebrities and VIPs but for everyone. You see a lot wellness clinics popping up in major cities such as Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai.

Does it really work?

Katrina Go, 27, a spin instructor swears by IV vitamin therapy. The constant grind of teaching spin class leaves her feeling drained by the end of the week. She gets an IV drip twice a month and she said it increased her energy.

David Samalaya, 38, travels so much and knows how dehydrating traveling can be and he is prone to flu and viruses from being around so many people all the time. He said it gives him a peace of mind but does not think of it as a replacement for healthy habits but rather a boost and preventive measure.

Most people have had good results. It is a good way to stay healthy but we all should still responsible for our own health. Nothing can ever replace a healthy balanced meal, regular exercise and staying away from stress.

What to expect when getting an IV drip

The doctors will do a screening to ensure that there are no contraindications and suggest the best formula for your first treatment so that you can make the most out of your first visit. The basic IV vitamin therapy usually include a mix of vitamin C, B-complex, calcium and magnesium and there are more complex ones such as heavy metal detox (chelation therapy) that still falls under IV vitamin treatment.

You will sit in lounge chair, it is a cross between a doctor’s clinic and a salon is what it looks like and they will inject the vitamins via IV and you just sit there and relax until it is done. It is not painful, it feels cold under your skin but not painful at all.  

The whole process takes about an hour to 4 hours depending on the package that you’re getting. Don’t expect instant result. There is no electric shock wave of energy. Some people feel a little groggy and thirsty and that’s all there is to it for the side effects. You can expect a shift in the color of your urine – no need to worry. It’s just your body expelling the excess vitamins out of your system.

How much does it cost?

Price starts at THB 2,800. Is it worth it? It depends really on what kind of lifestyle you lead, if you are someone who suffers from constant dehydration and glowing skin is something that is important to you or someone who just happen to have a weak immune system then it is worth it.

Are there risks?

Like many alternative treatments, with benefits comes risks. Thailand Food and Drug Administration does not monitor administrations of IV treatments. Companies use their own safety precautions which may not be safe. Always go to a trusted wellness center, know the companies track record beforehand.

Another risk is bruising and infection of the vein, it is important that the staff are experienced when it comes to administering vitamin drips. Also make sure that they have reputable doctors around during your treatments.

Bottom line: Most people experience positive outcome from vitamin therapy. It gives them so much energy to do more. It also encourages people to take better care of themselves but this is not something that will cure you from illness. It is important to talk to your doctor before trying any treatments.