The AQUAPURE is a non-invasive, multifunctional facial care device that treats a variety of skin conditions in patients with diverse skin profiles. Each AQUAPURE Hand-piece worksto promote skin tightness and rejuvenation with skin-nourishing solutions that delivers immediate results. 


• For all skin types and tones
• An “All in One” facial care device
• User-friendly GUI
• Customized treatments

Who can receive AQUAPURE?

For Patients with:
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Sagging skin
• Oily/Congested skin
• Acne prone skin
• Sensitive skin
• Hyperpigmentation
*Applicable for both genders with varying skin types,
tones, and skin conditions.

• Brightened complexion
• Healthy and rejuvenated skin
• Customized treatment plans to address
a multitude of skin conditions
• Immediate results
*For sensitive skin, practitioners can adjust solution

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FAQ for Patients

1. Is the AQUAPURE treatment painful?
• The AQUAPURE treatment assures patients
of extremely minimal pain.
• The AQUAPURE is non-invasive.
• Patients can apply makeup immediately
following treatment while going about their
daily routines.

2. How long is the treatment?
• The multifunctional AQUAPURE rejuvenates
for healthy skin.
• Treatment times can take up to an average
of20-25 minutes.

3. Any pre-procedure or
post-procedure requirements?
• Before treatment, your medical or skincare
practitioner can perform lymphatic massages
to enhance exfoliation and infusion of the
AQUASOLUTION ingredients.
• No post-procedure steps are necessary.
• Patients can apply makeup immediately
after treatment while going about their daily

4. Any side effects?
• Temporary redness or swelling
(1-2 hours to a few days after treatment)
• Nausea and drowsiness

Minimal Precautions for Patients

• Pregnancy or when breastfeeding
• Implanted electrical and metal devices
• Severe or cystic acne
• Skin allergies to AQUAPEEL solutions that may react during treatment
• Open wounds, abrasions, and inflammation of the face
• Allergy to chemical peels
Potential Side Effects
• Erythema (Redness)
• Edema (Swelling)
• Nausea and drowsiness