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The Hunter Metatron NLS Health Check is for anyone who is seeking resolution for their health concerns.

The Hunter Metatron or Non-Linear Scanning (NLS) safely and accurately scans your body in pinpointing all of the contributing factors of your condition, getting to the root cause.

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Accurate
  • Painless
  • Non-invasive

The Hunter Metatron is able to trace any condition in the body through changes in resonance of body tissue. Every object, small or large has its own individual frequency or oscillation that vibrates at a different frequency from any other substance.


Hypnotherapy is suggested if you want to overcome self-limiting beliefs and behaviors, phobias, addictions, stop smoking, improve your relationship with yourself and/or others, find love, assist physical and emotional healing, reach your highest potential and direct your life towards your dreams and much more

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Abdominal Massage 

Accumulation of stresses, worries and negative emotions are resulting in obstruction of energy flow, therefore impair physical and emotional conditions. Abdominal massage is a therapeutic approach that assist to recycle and transform negative energies that obstruct in the internal organ. It also aims to energizing, strengthening, and detoxifying the internal system


We all know that stress is the underlying cause of many dis-eases within the body and the mind. With this gentle and relaxing yet profound therapy our main energy centers (Chakras) are unblocked, restored, and re-energized.

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