5 Anti-aging Myths Explained

5 Anti-aging Myths Explained

We hear a lot these opinions these days regarding health, vitality and anti-aging.

Tips and tricks are shared and going viral in social media with proof of before and after photos. It is quite a bit hard to differentiate the real from the not.

In our quest for new and better ways to keep ourselves healthy, following some tips blindly could be quite harmful.

Let us look at these few myths that are circulating now and let us check if any of them holds any substance.

Expensive Anti-aging Brands are better (Myth)

Basic economics will tell you that price is determined by the demand.

If a lot of people would use a product, it could mean it is better in comparison to the ones that are not. But this is not always true. There are a lot of factors to consider for the price of the anti-aging product. An expensive price doesn’t ensure a product will be better, or that it even has different and effective ingredients than its cheaper counterparts. Big pharmaceutical companies are even on the defensive when being asked why their products are so expensive 

They even said that high prices are necessary to fund expensive research projects to generate new drugs. In other words, you are already paying for their research and product that have not been released yet.

Any anti-aging products can really cut costs in the long term by avoiding expensive advertisements and focusing more on the product itself. The best way to tell is to look at the concentration of ingredients first and the brand second. Request a consultation using this link because here at Lyfe Medical Wellness, we are all about using the latest technologies to improve the quality of your life.

Anti-Aging products work right away (Myth)

Being healthy is a lifestyle. You can’t just expect to go to a gym for a day and expect a toned skin and a six pack right? It is the same with anti-aging products.  It takes time for the body to process and induce measurable skin and body changes. 

The best way to look into this is to see how your body will respond to specific enzymes and take a snapshot of yourself as a before and after with no makeup on and see the measurable transformation over time. Realistically, it could take up to 4 – 8 weeks to really see any observable difference.

The best example of this is hormone imbalance in both male and female. You don’t notice the symptoms right away, some of it might even come up like it is something natural to happen like depression, an increase of body fats and low libido. Here in Lyfe Medical Wellness, we offer several HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) options including our custom-created bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)

Typically this is via injections, skin creams, and rapid-dissolve tablets. It’s important to meet with our friendly and experienced doctor for a complete assessment and diagnosis before a treatment plan is confirmed. Treatment duration will vary depending on the diagnosed conditions and the ability of your body to respond to treatments.

Wrinkles are the only way to know you are aging (Myth)

Skins lines can be caused by other things besides aging. The repeated movements like wrinkling on your face when you smile or frown is evidence of that. In fact, having these slight improvements gives your face a character and boost self-confidence. When you are smiling, it does send information to your brain that you feel happy since you associate the action with the feeling. This mind to body connection is best explained in this article.

In fact, there are actual studies in the psychiatric literature to support Botox helping to treat depressionespecially when traditional options have not provided in substantial results. Arrange a consultation with us. Let us talk as to how Botox can be a powerful addition to your anti-aging routine

Use retinol daily for perfectly smooth and glowing skin (Myth)

Although retinol is one of the most effective ways to assist your skin in shedding a layer to show a smoother zone below, consider that your new layer of skin needs time to adapt to a now harsher environment you presented. Frequently using retinol will cause your new skin layers to be prone to sun damage and irritations and cause it to be less effective.

Consider using anti-aging formulas that have B12, IRON, Vitamin D, L-Carnitine as the star ingredients for much lighter and gentle ways of removing those dead skin cells. Schedule a consultation with our therapist for a speedy method that guarantees anti-aging treatments that allow the body to absorb and re-energize, leaving you feeling energized, with your passion for life.

Using sunscreen is only a recommended option (Myth)

Sun exposure and UV rays have been proven to significantly affect and accelerate aging. These small 10 to 30-minute exposure to the sun during peak hours can add up over time causing massive and irreversible sun damage and long term impact to aging.

Don’t put away that SPF 30 just because you don’t have enough room in your bags when going to the beach. Wear that sunscreen every single day no matter the weather especially during the hours between 10 am – 4 pm where the UV rays are at its most potent state. If you notice any visible impact in your face already, consult a therapist. You might wanna consider doing ultherapy. This anti-aging technique can provide regenerative process when initiated right away so most patients are able to see immediate facelift and some patients will see maximal results only after a few months.

The hard real truth to this is that when it comes to anti-aging products, less is always more. Reports of skin soreness and irritation can be traced back to the massive use of anti-aging products in a short period of time. Give your skin time to adjust to the new regimen and slowly figure out the perfect concoction that works for you.

These Brand lines are created to cater to a general market and not all might be applicable to you. Avoid trying to apply as many creams, serums and moisturizers and your skin will most likely slowly bring out the natural and healthy glow. Help your body achieve this by supplementing it with what it needs but consider giving it time to process it. Better yet schedule a consultation with a therapist to provide extensive anti-aging diagnostic and treatment services specifically designed for you.