6 Steps You Need To Know About A Botox Treatment

6 Steps You Need To Know About A Botox Treatment

The demand for a botulinum toxin (botox) treatment has been raising the last couple of years and more and more people have been using botox to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and overall enhance appearance. According to (Ugalmugle S., 2020)the demand for botox treatments will rise even more. The global market share will rise from 4,9 billion dollars in 2019 to 8,9 billion dollars in 2026. With an average growth of 8,9% per year (CARG). The reason for these demands is simple, people are more conscious regarding their appearance and prefer more non-invasive and minimal treatments than before. Because the market is growing so rapidly, more knowledge about botox and botox treatments are necessary for patients and people so they can assure that their treatment is safe and executed by a  professional.

Therefore we will go through all the steps when a person wants a botox treatment and makes an arrangement at a clinic. In the picture below all the steps are simplified and illustrated so that you can see all the important information in a blink of an eye. 

6 Steps You Need To Know About A Botox Treatment

1. Before the treatment

The consultation/ evaluation by the doctor will be made to recommend the type of Botox and the number of botox that will be required for your concern area. 

It is good to clarify your area of concern and expectation to the doctor before starting the treatment. 

Korean botox  VS. Allergen botox 

It is interesting to get brief differences between Korean botox and original by USA (allergen) both have to be in a positive way.

2.During the treatment

Botox injection doesn’t require anesthesia application as it is painless. The procedure is for most people, 90% women and 10% men, virtually painless (Surgery.org, 2016) However some people experience a little pain. The doctor will target your concern area.  Botox is administered by injection under the skin, where it is absorbed by nerve cells in contact with the muscle. The treatment is not complicated and could be completed in about 30 min. 

3. 1 hour after the treatment

When the botox treatment procedure is done the injected area will most of the time be visible for 1 hour. If you have sensitive skin it may take up to 24 hours. 

It is also recommended to not bend your head or to lay down in the first 4 hours (Beauty Fashion Club, sd)after the treatment. 

4. 1 day – 1week after the treatment

It is recommended to avoid sauna and steam bath the first week after the treatment. Also, heavy physical exercises are not advised in the first two days after treatment. Sunscreen is recommended throughout  

5. 2 weeks after the treatment

The results are best visible 2 weeks after the treatment. This depends on the person but mostly the best results are visible In between 10 days after the treatment until 2 weeks after the treatment. 

6. 3-6 months after the treatment

The result of the botox treatments will hold most of the time in between 3-6 months, depending on the person and gender (B, 2019). The results with Botox A, which is the most used botulinum toxin brand in the world (Ugalmugle S., 2020) tend to have a longer effect on men (4-6months) than on women (3-5 months). However, men require more doses of botox than women because they have bigger muscle mass compared to women. After the effect is gone a new treatment is necessary for a lasting result. 

Best results 

The more botox treatments you use over the years the better the results will be in the future. It is generally advised for the best result that a patient that has used a botox treatment should return for a new treatment before the results of the previous treatment are totally gone.   

Side effects 

Pain, swelling, and a bruise might take place as per individual skin conditions.  An ice pack is recommended within 48 hours after the treatment if it is a case.

Extra advise

To ensure the doctor is professional for this treatment.    Recommend to perform with licenses doctor. In Thailand, only licensed doctors are allowed to perform the treatment.    Clients review also gives good tips and confidence in the professionalism of the doctor.

Couple more things

Botox and filler can be also injected together and most of the cases deliver good results for people who have more than wrinkle or even deep line problem. 

It is not recommended for aesthetic injection during pregnancy.

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