BioScan SWA Speeds Up Screening

BioScan SWA Speeds Up Screening

Lab tests give accurate results when a doctor needs to give a diagnosis. Today, Bioscan SWA is used as an initial screening to make lab tests easier. Instead of multiple lab tests, the doctor can now conduct targeted lab tests. 

Are you wondering why you should be searching for “Bioscan near me in Rawai, Phuket, Thailand” or “Bioscan reviews”? In instances where a patient complains of different symptoms from different parts of the body and at different intensities, multiple lab tests are required to get to the heart of the illness. Bioscan SWA saves a lot of time and money seeing that the screening only takes 90 seconds and shows up to 250 parameters. While the doctor can conduct a lab from history and symptoms but bio scan may help to complete the holistic approach.

Here is how the technology works:

What is Bioscan SWA?

Put simply, Bioscan is a technology that is used to measure the very low magnetic field of human cells based on the theory of the scalar-physics findings. The energetic field in your body processes more than 400 million impulses of organs communicating with your brain every second. Bioscan analyzes these communications to identify anomalies. The scan produces about 250 values showing the accurate state of health of a patient. In all cases, the Bioscan-SWA results comply with laboratory findings. Again, the patient can see the report and know what’s is going on during evaluation and diagnosis. The patient will see deviations and imbalances in their state of health. 

Can Bioscan Treat or Diagnose and Is Bioscan Accurate?

Bioscan is used as an initial screening before the doctors conduct lab tests. It analyzes bio communications between organs in your body to create a health report. By measuring very low magnetic fields of body cells, the analysis focuses on finding dysbalances in the following areas of the patient’s body:

  • Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular areas
  • Gastrointestinal health
  • Hepatic, gall bladder, and pancreas
  • Kidneys and lungs
  • Bone growth and density
  • Amino acids
  • Homotoxine
  • Body’s trace elements and vitamins
  • The immune system
  • Heavy metal
  • Etc. 

The information on the Bioscan reports shows indicative results and values, but they are not diagnostic. However, the values presented in the report are reliable. 

Get Bioscan in Laguna, Phuket, Thailand

Bioscan is noninvasive and painless and only takes 90 seconds. The patient only needs to hold on to the bar of the Bioscan device and their health report will be displayed on the screen. A doctor can use a patient’s history to conduct lab tests – the BioScan helps complete the holistic approach. With 250 parameters displayed on a single scan, a doctor can tell a lot about your health before performing lab tests. The heavy metal report on the Bioscan results is useful when you need to know the type and amount of heavy metals in your body. If you need to find Bioscan price and schedule a Bioscan before lab tests in Phuket, Thailand, reach out to us