Body Sculpting in Clatuu Treatment –  Get your body ready for the Summer!

Body Sculpting in Clatuu Treatment – Get your body ready for the Summer!

Weight loss is a pressing issue for some people. Weight is gained when more energy is consumed than the body can burn. Some reasons why people want to lose weight is because they want to gain more confidence in their body. And avoid health issues like diabetes, stroke and cancer.

A way people achieve this is through the body sculpting treatment. Body sculpting aims to reshape one’s body without them going through the stress of exercise.

What exactly does it entail? Who should go for this treatment? What to expect? And is it a safe treatment?

What Does Body Sculpting Entail?

Body sculpting reshapes the body by the removal of fats cells. Freezing fat cells, and using heat through ultrasound helps in this procedure. Which can be done out over a course of a few sessions. It works in a way that when fat cells are being destroyed, normal cells are kept safe. This leads to a reduction of fat in that target area. 

We at LYFE MEDICAL WELLNESS aim to give the best clatuu treatment. We use well-controlled cooling, to destroy fats. LYFE MEDICAL WELLNESS is situated at Thailand’s Phuket, Rawai and Laguna Phuket. We offer the best treatment for both men and women.

We also advise our patients that opt up for our program to follow a healthy diet plan and exercise to help boost their treatment.

Freezing Fat Cell

This occurs during the body sculpting procedure. A device is used to freeze the fat cells that are in the body. The purpose of clatuu treatment is to remodel the body shape. After the treatment, the cooled fat cells go through a process called APOPTOSIS, and then begin to shrink. Once this is done, those fat cells are removed.

What Should They Expect?

What should patients who go to LYFE MEDICAL WELLNESS expect during their treatment?

  • No discomfort. Everything is done at minimal ease.
  • No harm done to the normal cells. While the fat cells are being cooled down to the ideal rate for elimination. There will be no significant damage done to the normal cells in the body.
  • No fear of the fat cells being in the body. They are removed.
  • A practitioner is available to promote the benefits of the treatment. And restore the body’s system.

Who is the Best Candidate for This?

Those with fat cells that are above the ideal level are the best for this treatment.

Is It Safe?

In spite of this, no treatment comes without a few risks. The hot and cold treatment of body sculpting does involve a little bit of pain, but these dies after a while. Risks like this include body aches, stings, and bruises.

Weight Loss Tips

To boost the body system after the body sculpting treatment. One can make do of weight supplements.

Weight supplements help to:

  • Reduce appetite so few calories are consumed.
  • Reduce the absorption of fat like nutrients.
  • Increase fat burning.

Popular weight loss supplements include:

  • Caffeine: one of the most consumed metabolism booster and weight loss supplements. Caffeine increases fat burning by 30%.
  • Green tea extract: Due to the antioxidant in it, it aids in burning fat especially in the belly area.

Weight Loss Without Diet

While sticking to a specific planned diet. Exercise might not be easy, there are other tips to help with weight loss. They can be done without much dieting.

These include:

  • Eating a high protein breakfast.
  • Intake of fibers, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Drinking of coffee and black tea.
  • Eating food.
  • Drinking water before each meal.
  • Cut down a high level of sugar intake.
  • Keep healthy snacks like eggs, fruits, nut and yogurts near you. Most especially when you feel the need to eat.

With the adequate supplements and help that are provided by LYFE MEDICAL WELLNESS. One can be sure of living a healthy and well-balanced life. 

At LYFE MEDICAL WELLNESS, we offer the best medical routes that enhance and assist the patient to have a good life, and at a low cost.