Evidence-Based Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Evidence-Based Ways to Lose Belly Fat

The basic fact is that everyone, including skinny people have belly fat. It is completely normal. But excess belly fat affects your entire body. Belly fat is subcutaneous fat present underneath your skin. Other fats present around your liver, lungs, and heart. Accumulation of fatty tissue around the organ can be harmful to your health. In addition, it can be the symptom of a more severe disease. 

The visceral fat is the deeper fat. It may trigger serious health issues even for skinny people. But you can follow some simple tips to maintain a healthy figure with no to moderate level of belly fat.

Tips to reduce your arrogant belly fat

Take plenty of soluble fiber in your diet. 

Soluble fibers soak water and form a gel-like consistency that slows down the food passing through your digestive system. When you take fiber-rich food, you fill automatically complete after eating. Fiber-rich soluble food for your weight loss journey You can maintain calory by eating less.

More soluble fat fight against belly fat. A research study shows that ten g. of soluble fiber intake reduces 3.7% of belly fat.

So, include high fiber food on your plate. Flax seeds, Brussels sprout, avocado, blackberry, spinach, green leafy vegetables, pulses, legumes, mushrooms, fruits are a rich source of fiber. This type of food keeps your stomach full yet maintains your calory.  

Eat high protein diet & avoid trans-fat and carbs.

Protein is the body-building element of your body because muscle, the tendon, is made up of protein and amino acids. The high amount of protein intake releases the gut hormone peptide YY 3-36 (PYY3-36) to decrease your craving and promotes fullness without increase calorie.

Protein is an essential element for body strength; it provides inner durability by managing your weight. If you are going through a belly fat reduction journey, you have to take fewer calories but should not compromise with protein intake. Otherwise, you may feel weak and chronic headaches

Protein also improves your introductory metabolic rate and retains muscle mass during the belly fat loss journey. In addition, a high protein diet helps to reduce abdominal fat.  

So, don’t forget to include a sufficient amount of protein in your every meal. Meat, fish, eggs, whey protein, milk, dry fruits, beans are a rich source of protein. 

Maintain a lower-carb diet for fast reduction of belly fat. Rice and other carbohydrate-rich food like potatoes encourage the accumulation of fatty tissue around your waist. So stick to low carb diet. Replace refined carb with unprocessed carbohydrates.

Trans fats are responsible for your weight gain. It is a significant part of your belly fat. So, try to avoid trans-fat-containing food such as white oil, spreads, cheese, soybean oil contain trans-fat.

Trans fat or unsaturated fat is linked with heart disease, diabetes, inflammation, and belly fat.

Don’t excess consumption of alcohol

Research suggests that an excessive amount of alcohol increases your belly fat. Alcohol has health benefits if you take a small amount, but excess amount reduces the risk of central obesity, excess storage of fat around your stomach. In addition, cutting back on alcohol alleviates your waist size. 

Do cardio

Aerobic exercise or cardio is very effective in burning your belly fat. Effective forms of exercise can reduce 50% of total subcutaneous belly fat.

Include walking in your belly fat-burning journey. It is the most effective form of exercise. But frequency and duration also important. Before you start your physical training, consult with your trainer.

If you do cardio under the supervision of an experienced trainer, you will get a better result.

Avoid sweets and desserts, sweet beverage

Avoid sweets and desserts if you want to lose belly fat. Sugary food contains liquid fructose, the enhances belly fat. In addition, research study proves that sugary drinks cause accumulation of fat in the liver. 

A ten-week research study reported that consumption of high fructose beverages develops a significant amount of abdominal fat. Cake, pastry, ice cream, cookies, cold drinks, soda, fruit juice are high sugar-containing food. Therefore, you must avoid this kind of food if you are in a weight-loss session.

Consumption of high sugar-containing food increases the risk of diabetes mellitus, obesity if children should not take excess amount of sugar, candy because it may cause child obesity.

Include Apple cider vinegar into your diet

Apple cider vinegar has several health benefits, and one of them is that it helps you burn fat and alleviates the blood sugar level. In addition, it contains acetic acid effective in reducing subcutaneous abdominal fats. Take one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, mix it in one glass of Luke warm water, and drink it in the early morning for fast fat reduction. 

Now apple cider vinegar is easily available online and offline. Last but not least, avoid processed food, junk, and oily food make your wet loss journey. If you can’t manage your belly fat naturally, search as “bariatric clinic near me” and take consultation from experts near you.