Heavy Metal Detoxification by Chelation Therapy

Heavy Metal Detoxification by Chelation Therapy

The World Health Organization warns the public about the implication of heavy toxic metals on health and the ecosystem. Heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and cadmium not only cause extensive damage to the environment. It also contributes to the rise of chronic health diseases. Excessive metals in the body can be very toxic. Thus, many people are considering the power of natural chelation therapy in detoxifying the body system.

The Chelation Therapy Meaning

Chelation therapy is the use of particular drugs that facilitates the removal of heavy metals in the body. Chelation therapy drugs are administered orally or intravenously. They work by clinging on to the metal and removing them in the body system through urination. There are different types of chelating agents; EDTA is one of them. EDTA chelation therapy is an FDA-approved treatment for nickel toxicity symptoms and other heavy metal detoxification. It has been used for over 50 years in many patients worldwide. 

The Chelation Therapy Benefits

Heavy Metal Detoxification by Chelation Therapy

Based on Toxicology mechanisms and methods, administering IV chelation therapy at least once a week is clinically adequate in managing heavy metal toxicity. Besides heavy metal removal, chelation therapy also has other clinical applications:

  1.  Chelation treatment for heart disease. Although there is limited scientific evidence of chelation therapy in many heart problems, there are few scientific reports that support its use as a post-heart attack treatment. Chelation treatment is also found beneficial for people with diabetes. It remains unclear if chelation therapy works effectively in managing mini heart attack symptoms and early signs of heart disease. 
  2.  Chelation therapy benefits cancer. In a review from the Current Medicinal Chemistry, iron chelators demonstrate anti-tumor activity. It further shows in animal studies and human experiments that chelation, particularly EDTA agents, can retard tumor growth. 
  3.  Chelation therapy for atherosclerosis. Chelation therapy is an inexpensive, alternative treatment in improving blood flow in patients with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disorders. However, there is little scientific evidence to conclude this.

What are the Effects of Heavy Metals in the Environment?

In today’s highly technological society, heavy metals are available everywhere. Heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic can get into the body through the nose, skin, or mouth. If they accumulate in the body, they can be poisonous. Heavy metal poisoning can lead to organ damage. Moreover, the presence of heavy metals in the brain can cause confusion, forgetfulness, and memory problems. Heavy metals also inhibit hair growth resulting in heavy metal poisoning hair loss. Heavy metals severely contaminate the environment too. Environmental pollution of heavy metals changes the quality of water, air, and soil. Thus, making it readily available for human consumption. 

Can Heavy Metals be Removed From the Body?

All heavy metals are different since they have variable chemical composition and affinity. The good news is, it is possible to remove heavy metals from the body. Some of them stay for a lifetime, while others are excreted by the body freely. Chelation therapy is a standard way to detoxify the body from heavy metals. Your doctor will perform a heavy metal toxicity test through a bioscan or blood test before commencing the therapy. 

How Long Do Heavy Metals Stay in the Body?

It varies. It depends on the type of heavy metal and how long you have been exposed. Heavy metals โลหะ หนัก ใน ร่างกาย  are everywhere, particularly in fuel, fertilizers, pesticides, and industrial products. You can have them anytime – even by simply inhaling. Heavy metals can stay in the body for years until they do damage to your health. However, certain enzymes can neutralize some heavy metals and get filtered out. 

Heavy metal poisoning is a serious health concern. But don’t fret. Science has a way of resolving the problem – that is, in the form of chelation therapy. Chelation therapy does not only detoxify heavy metals but also boosts immunity, enhances circulation, and ultimately, prevents unwanted death. Look for chelation therapy reviews for your nearby wellness center. To book an appointment, click here or visit our Rawai or Laguna Branch