Liver Detox And Its Benefit

Liver Detox And Its Benefit

The liver represents the main primary filtration system in our body as it converts toxins into waste products, cleans the blood, and is responsible for the metabolism system so the body can be supplied with the needed nutrient items. Keeping the liver healthy is a vital matter by the great process that is called (liver detox).                                                                                                       

Liver detox has two phases

Phase I

The first phase of detoxification occurs mostly in the liver and is responsible for transforming dangerous, lipid-soluble molecules into less harmful intermediates products that will be easier to excrete. This happens through cytochrome p450.                                                                             

Phase II

Phase II is considered the process of conjugation making these products water-soluble, and therefore less harmful. Once it becomes water-soluble, it can be excreted via the kidney and intestines through urine and bile. There are various processes of conjugation, including glutathionylation, methylation, glucuronidation, sulfation, and acetylation.                                

Each of these processes includes the addition of a different substance to a phase I end-product with the help of amino acids.                                              

It had been proved scientifically that liver detox intravenously has great benefits and a vital role in regaining the ideal function of the liver.                                                              

Liver detox intravenously benefits

*Weight loss

Liver detox is linked to weight loss, this may seem strange, but it is a scientific reality.                                                                                                    

The liver naturally produces bile that is used to break down fats. It represents a critical function in our digestive system. By doing liver detox and giving the liver rest from the junk we ingest, can help the liver to produce bile more efficiently and prevent the storing of fats.                                                                                                                    

*Keeping our body younger

Our body is exposed to toxins and free radicals whether, through eating or breathing, which causes damage to the cells slowly. The liver is the main protector against this damage. By liver detox, the help can be presented to maintain keeping the body healthy and the cells younger.                             

* Preventing life-threatening diseases

Poor liver health can make it more exposed to life-threatening conditions through passing the toxins within it. This can lead to hepatitis C, hepatitis B, liver cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Liver detox carries the protection to keep it stronger facing the possible damage.

Kidney detox benefits

Enhancing body energy

The kidney is the room from which the energy is produced and the place where the rest of the other organs occur, so kidney detox preserves the deepest source of energy.                                                                               

Enhancing bone health

The kidney determines the health of the bones and teeth and is responsible for the utilization of vitamin D, which is mainly the key to proper calcium absorption. As a result, the detox of the kidneys helps to ensure strong bones.                                                                                                             

How to detox the liver medically

There are multivitamins and minerals plus N-acetylcysteine that can support the liver, and make it do its functions more sufficiently, and help detox the blood of our body as well which can be taken intravenously. As intravenous detox treatment had been proved to be more effective to achieve the desired detox process. The intravenous detox drugs and injected fluids have the ability to deliver nutritional values to the body faster.                                                                                                             

Liver detox intravenously benefits based on its ingredients;                                                                                

Iron and vitamin B2

Iron has the ability to support the liver to get rid of toxins in the blood and vitamin b2 can enhance the liver’s work.                                                                    

Vitamin E and vitamin C

Consuming these vitamins is crucial during the detox phase as they carry the antioxidants properties and are the keys to the neutralization of the free radicals of the blood. These radicals can damage the healthy cells of the liver.                                                                                                              

Vitamin D and vitamin A

These vitamins are important to be part of the detox process as they mainly represent keys for the healing process of the body. It had been established scientifically that vitamin d reduces the hepatocyte’s apoptosis process.         

N-acetyl cysteine (NAC)

Intravenous N acetylcysteine is utilized clinically as an antidote for hepatotoxicity because of acetaminophen overuse.                                           

The intravenous detox of the liver with NAC aids in metabolizing a toxic byproduct of acetaminophen called n-acetyl-benzo quinone imine.             

So how to detox your liver from alcohol?

Firstly, cessation of drinking alcohol is the first step.                                              

After that consuming the multivitamins as Vitamins A, C, D, B, and E, and the needed minerals are the keys for liver detox from the alcohol under the supervision of your doctor.                                                                                

Having the liver detox intravenously which is the bag of those desired items, different vitamins with their strong effects besides the health benefits of the minerals helps the body to regain its activity and get rid of the bad effects of the alcohol. It helps withdrawal symptoms, boosts mood and energy, and promotes liver health and function.