Natural Pain Relief

Natural Pain Relief

Medical specialists over the centuries have believed that the best way to alleviate chronic and inflammatory pain is through pain relief methods that work with the body naturally.  

One example of a pain relief mechanism of the body is endorphins. Endorphins are produced in the body and they are responsible for bringing about natural pain relief, binding themselves to the receptors of the body that perceive the sensations. In this way, the body can no longer feel pain as long as those receptors are blocked.

Another method of alleviating inflammatory pain in a natural way is through the use of essential oils. Essential oils have calming and soothing effects in addition to analgesic effects. Two of these oils are lavender and peppermint extracts. Consuming certain natural food products also helps the body in overcoming inflammation, such as food products that are rich in good fatty acids, i.e., omega-3 derivatives. These fatty acids have been known to reduce inflammation in many people suffering from chronic inflammation. Let’s look into the science behind pain and how we can alleviate pain naturally.

Natural Ways of Fighting Inflammation

Whenever there is an irritation or an infection in the body or when the body suffers from an injury, then the body responds via inflammation. Inflammation is a natural response, and it helps the body to overcome injuries. If the injury or irritation persists, then the inflammation may remain and become chronic.

Chronic inflammation is damaging to the body. In this situation, there are medicines available in the market which help the body in overcoming inflammation. Patients can either choose allopathic medicines or they can go for herbal medicines as well. Health practitioners must be consulted before going for any type of medication. Apart from medications, patients can also try natural ways for recovery like exercises. Read more here; The 7 Effective Chronic Pain Exercise.

There is more than one way for countering pain and inflammation. We can broadly classify these as;

  • Allopathic Medicine
  • Herbal Remedies 
  • Natural Therapies 

In this article, we’ll be discussing the natural ways of reducing pain and inflammation, so we’ll skip the 1st option for now.

Natural or Herbal Remedies:

We have listed below some of the natural remedies for inflammation that can help the body in fighting inflammation and have been recommended by many satisfied patients. 

Curcumin ingredient: Curcumin is found in plants, mostly in the ones that belong to the family of ginger plants, e.g., turmeric. This particular anti-inflammatory supplement has also been known to accelerate the wound healing process because it has shown effective results in reducing the inflammation caused by obesity.

Zinc supplement: Zinc is the best natural anti-inflammatory mineral as it supports the immune system of the body and also reduces inflammation. Studies have shown that in old age, most of the inflammation in the body is caused by oxidative stress, whereas taking zinc supplements usually reduces the inflammation by controlling the rate of oxidative stress imposition on the body.

Serrazyme Enzyme: Another available best natural anti-inflammatory therapy is one that utilizes serrapeptase, a systemic enzyme, to address the problem of biofilm-related inflammation in the body, and also works for people who are suffering from a weak immune system. Experts have quoted remarkable results from the use of this anti-inflammatory supplement in dealing with the inflammation caused by obesity, or when the body is pushed beyond its boundaries. SerraZyme Ultra is known as the best natural anti-inflammatory serrapeptase supplement and is recommended by many satisfied users. Patients can opt for 

Capsaicin heat ingredientCapsaicin is rich in an ingredient that is helpful in blocking pain being received by the pain receptors of the body so that pain relief is experienced even when the receptors are receiving the stimulus. 

Green Tea Green tea is a widely accepted natural anti-inflammatory remedy for the body. It has been observed by health practitioners that people living in high tea consumption regions usually report less inflammation. It usually helps the body fight inflammation by playing the role of an antioxidant agent.

Just because they are natural does not mean you shouldn’t do your homework so please use them wisely and check your doctor if you have questions.   

Natural Pain Relief by Serrapeptase

Serrapeptase enzyme is one of the best natural remedies for inflammation. It is produced by silkworms and can be extracted from there. The FDA does not classify this enzyme as a medicine, but is considered a supplement. Serrapeptase enzymes are usually prescribed by  doctors because of the health benefits to the patients suffering from pain. This pain can be as minute as a common headache, or it can be as serious as arthritis or chronic inflammation from obesity as a result of the development of a biofilm in the body.

A very effective natural anti-inflammatory therapy using serrapeptase with a systemic enzyme is available in the form of the best natural anti-inflammatory supplement known as Serrazyme Ultra. It is considered to be very effective in addressing inflammations throughout the body. The nature of these inflammations can be simply due to injury or they can be from serious underlying health problems such as irritable bowel syndrome or obesity. 

Natural Therapies

The Systemic Enzyme Therapy Approach

One method of reducing inflammation in the body is by removing the obstacles that hinder the inflammation process in the body so that the body completes the inflammation cycle quickly. Systemic enzyme therapy is especially effective when the body undergoes over-exertion, where inflammation occurs in the muscles to help them recover through a process called fibrosis. Fibrosis is a process that is not immediate, which means the recovery is delayed. If an anti-inflammatory therapeutic approach is used to overcome inflammation, then the body does not repair itself through fibrosis. Systemic enzyme therapy speeds up the repair process of the body while keeping the inflammation to a minimum duration.

In the last decade, serrapeptase and systemic enzyme combination therapy have become a successful approach to deal with inflammation in the body. A very useful product known as Serrazyme Ultra uses this approach to provide very beneficial effects for the users. The combination of these two has been proven to be effective in patients suffering from inflammation, which may be short-term or chronic due to certain underlying health conditions.