The Surprising Secret To Look Younger

The Surprising Secret To Look Younger

Narratives, legends and amazing stories are fundamental things in any society. Some myths and folklore overlap and there might be some truth to it often described by the person who experienced it at that time with the perception limited by their understanding of our world in that era. Let us agree that when we are in front of something so amazing and indescribable, we often add decorative and extra details to the story when we share it.

One of the most common and the oldest anti-aging conquest of humanity is the legend of the Fountain of youth. Legends narrate about a mysterious water source that could restore the youth and vitality of anyone who drank or bathed in its clear waters. Whether this is true or not, you might have encountered similar tales from the Bible, Qu’ran, the tale of Alexander the great, the Tibetan rites of rejuvenation and even the DC comics have versions of their own water of life. The anti-aging properties of this fountain of youth could be literal, metaphorical, allegorical or experiential. Each can be explored and may potentially enhance our individual experience and maybe our lifespan. Even simply looking at the longest fountain in ICONIC Multimedia Water Features in Thailand, who would not be at awe and feeling inspired to capture the beauty of the river.

It has been said that staying close to the waters have rejuvenating qualities. It can provide restoration of vigour and vitality. Also, it is reported to bring about healing. Finding yourself in Rawai Beach and water element is crucial to balancing the body and creating physical harmony. Well for me it just makes me happy. People call that these days Vitamin Sea.

The question I have about this is why is there a need for the fountain of youth? Eventually, time catches up to anyone in its own time. Death and aging is a reality. Our current understanding of science points that in aging comes the increased chance of health risks such as cancer, arthritis and reduced bodily functions. Solar radiation over time being exposed in the sun accumulates and your skin will take some damage over the years and the overall cumulative effects of injuries and fractures over the years would set in.

Exercise and balanced diets have been shown to delay some aspects of aging, playing games, puzzles and learning another language also helps mental health. It turns out, there are plenty of foods that not only delay cancers, or boost the appearance of the skin, but also help to manage arthritis, or heart problems, as well as prevent them. There are a lot of healthy restaurants in the Phuket area that might be able to provide the diet that you need.

But the real secret to look and stay young is the balanced lifestyle. The regular, consistent activity and the demand you place on your body will lead to an extremely healthy heart and a positive outlook in life. You will notice this when you go to the gym and the first time you do it, it will be so hard that you might give up right away. Eventually this task gets easier and easier and eventually, you can’t live without it. Pair this lifestyle with regular health checks, professional guidance and anti-aging programs that will allow early prevention when needed.

How we live, the quality of our lives we can have is determined more by what we’re willing to challenge our bodies to give us. Let us reduce our vulnerability to these kinds of issues that will eventually catch up on us by simply choosing to be active, eat right and seek professional anti-aging guidance.