The Truth About Detox Diets and Process

The Truth About Detox Diets and Process

Detoxification or in short detox is a buzzword which everyone is interested in these days. With so many health benefits, it is one of the most effective ways to take care of your liver naturally. 

There are some misconceptions related to detox which need to be addressed before moving on to the detoxification itself. 

It promotes weight loss: Although detox diets promote healthy weight gain, it does not promote weight loss which itself can have its implications. Although it can cause muscle and weight loss during a very low calories detox program then will gain the weight back.

Use of tea and herbal products for detox: Many people use green tea and other herbal products, thinking that it promotes the detoxification process. This is not true because detox means replacing harmful substances with more healthy products. Tea and herbal products are helpful in promoting antioxidant activities but that’s just one of the components of detoxification.

It’s a quick fix: The detox process is definitely not a quick fix. It takes time to cleanse the body and liver and it has to be sustained to have long-lasting effects. In short, detox is not a one-off process.

Keeping a healthy liver is enough for detox: Although the liver is one of the sources of eliminating toxins from the body and keeping it healthy is important, that’s not the ONLY thing. The body’s toxin secretion is a sophisticated process that involves the liver, kidneys, digestive system lungs and skin. Hence one has to keep all of them healthy in order to achieve the desired results.

The process of detoxification can be carried out through avoiding certain substances and using some. Also, it can be gained by a more healthy IV route where the specific nutrients are injected through one of the veins. Let’s discuss some of the ways of detoxification.

Alcohol Moderation: Alcohol majorly gets broken down in the liver secreting cancer-causing substance, called the acetaldehyde. This has to be converted into a less harmful substance so that it can be excreted from a human body. This whole process puts pressure on the liver to work more. Studies have shown moderate drinking to limit these effects. The cut off guideline is 14 units per week for both men and women. Furthermore, this consumption should be spread over three days and several alcohol-free days.

Sleep Quality: Poor sleep is strongly associated with stress, heart conditions, anxiety, and many other health issues. Sound sleep is an effective part of detoxification as it promotes brain to recharge as well as to remove toxins which have built up throughout the day

Water intake: Water regulates body temperature and aids in detoxification of waste products from the body. There is no bare limit to it but ideally, clear colored urine shows well hydration.

Sugar, Salt, and Processed food intake: All of these are an important part of our daily food intake but these are hazardous as it impedes the detoxification process. This includes all sorts of canned food items and store shelf items. Replacing them with natural fruits and vegetables helps the healthy detoxification process. Fruits such as berries and nuts also accelerate the antioxidation process which further helps in detoxification

Exercise: being physically active not only helps in losing weight but also fights off unhealthy components building up in the body  The recommended activity is 150- 300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise 

Intravenous detoxification: This detox treatment is a bit more complex than the previously mentioned ones, but has longlasting benefits. This therapy involves identifying the exact toxin that exists in the body and then replacing it with a healthy material via the bloodstream. It eventually helps remove the toxins and other harmful material from the human body through a process called chelation therapy. This process decreases the risk of many non-communicable diseases such as heart conditions, stroke, and diabetes. It also replaces the toxins with vitamins and minerals hence helping rejuvenate the body. Some added advantages include refreshing skin look as the amino acids which are used in the detox process, helps skin to take its natural shape. These amino acids are also helpful in conditions such as asthma and muscle spasms. Some of the nutrients used for the IV detox have properties to fight off diseases as dangerous as Alzheimer’s. In other terms, this detox is also very effective for the population fighting off alcoholism and drugs.

Population: Although it is beneficial for all some may experience more effectiveness of this therapy than others. People suffering from poor liver conditions such as the fatty liver and alcoholic liver, heart conditions, diabetic neuropathies, and chronic stress are the ones who will benefit ore

Types and process of detoxification:

The process of IV detoxification is a bit different from the aforementioned ones. The first step is to identify a person’s needs according to the health condition. An individual treatment plan is then identified according to the need of a person from many procedures. These plans include replenishing depleted vitamins and minerals, stamina boosting techniques, antioxidant therapy using medical ozone (O3), removal of toxic waste, infusing amino acids and hyaluronic acid, and amino acids to help in remodeling damaged body cells.

As with any infusion, there are few risks and complications associated including swelling, inflammation of veins surrounding the infusion, etc can arise. If you notice any of such issues, contact your local doctor.

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