What is IV therapy?

What is IV therapy?

IV therapy means Intravenous therapy, this is one of the routes in which drugs can be administered to the human body; the drugs are prepared in liquid form and administered through the veins to a patient. It is a very fast and active route because the fluid goes directly into the bloodstream and avoids any metabolic breakdown offered by the body when taken through the mouth.

Advantages of IV therapy.

  • Increases total body health.
  • IV therapy enhances beauty.
  • Enhances athletism.
  • Helps with hangovers.
  • Helps with weight loss and maintenance of body fitness.
  • Fast and easy treatment for addiction.

Types of IV treatment.

IV therapy vitamins.

this is an example of treatment, which vitamins and minerals required by the body are administered to anyone through his/her veins. By means of this process, the digestion and breakdown of the vitamin by the liver are completely avoided, and total absorption of the whole nutrient bag is possible.

The IV therapy for the vitamin is a quite useful and effective one, as it helps especially when the person is in triage and in need of replenishing body fluids, or electrolytes. Vitamins such as b12 are given using IV therapy. 

IV therapy for body hydration.

This is a major important type of IV therapy, it is the way in which all body muscles and tissues are kept hydrated. Unlike when you drink water and it is absorbed by some parts than the other in the body, IV therapy enables the total body circulation of the fluid. It is fast and efficient, as it not only hydrates your body system but it also replenishes lost nutrients. Iv therapy also allows and hasten digestion in the body.

IV therapy infusions.

Sometimes due to health risks and challenges, in some conditions oral administration of drugs is not possible, also, some medication when given to a patient orally, it is broken down by the acidity of the stomach and so such drugs become ineffective. 

Therefore, there is need for IV administration of such fluids, the infusion is given through a sterile catheter and can be administered by any trained personnel outside the hospital, and so it is used in the treatment of cancers, dehydration, vomiting and some other medical conditions.

IV therapy immune boosters.

Through IV therapy, our immune system can be strengthened, there are various immunity bags available that contain various blends of what the body requires, such as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory vitamins. These immune boosters help to remove toxins from the body and enhance body chances against falling ill. At Lyfe MEDICAL WELLNESS, they offer the best in terms of medical routes and use of IV therapies to enhance and assist the patient to have a good life. Situated at one of Thailand’s most beautiful and serene island Phuket, Rawai, they optimize patients’ need at low cost.

IV therapy for hangovers.

Hangovers are caused by loss of bodily fluid and breakdown of body nutrients as a result of overconsumption of alcohol, or too much alcohol in the body system. IV therapy manages and controls hangovers by first re-hydrating the body’s lost fluids, then they detoxify toxins in the body, then they finally restore lost nutrients. The whole process can be accomplished in about an hour.

IV therapy costs.

Since there are various functions, in which IV therapy provides the price is not the same, they vary bases on the formula’s ingredient and doses.  

IV therapy side effects.

IV therapy as helpful and significant as it is, moreover, its good effect will also include sleep and relaxation. 

But in some formula like detoxification, it might have the effect of headache as the release of the toxin. 

At Lyfe MEDICAL WELLNESS all possible issues and side effects are adequately taken care of and managed also all plausible scenarios of risk are well prepared for in advance and taken care of adequately by professionals.