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Genetic Testing

Genetic testing are medical tests providing a scientific method to check for genetic disorders and have become more popular in recent years for early screening. Genetic testing is a helpful first step in determining a person’s chance of developing or passing on a genetic disorder.

What Do Genetic Tests Show?

Genetic testing identifies changes in your genes, proteins or chromosomes and can assist with:

  • Diagnosing your disease
  • Pinpointing genetic factors that may cause your disease
  • Revealing genetic factors that increase your risk of disease
  • Predicting the severity of your disease
  • Assisting with medicine selection and dosage
  • Finding genetic factors that could be passed on to your children
  • Screening newborns for certain conditions

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What Genetic Testing Do You Offer?

At Lyfe Medical Wellness, we offer four genetic tests to assist in identifying health risks that can lead towards preventative therapies and lifestyle changes. These are:

Preventative Genetic Testing

The BASICgen test is our preventative genetic test and it allows for an overview of your genetic health functionality, including immune defense, vitamin requirements, lactose metabolism and intolerance. It also picks up your carbohydrate and lipid digestion levels, as well as homocysteine quantities. Unhealthy levels of homocysteine in the blood can result in heart disease and stroke.

Prostrate Genetic Testing

As the most common cancer in males, the PROSTATEgen is our preventative genetic test and is helpful for males who are concerned about prostate cancer, particularly if there is a family history of this disease. This test checks for five genetic mutations that can play an important role in the early stages of cancer, as well as your dihydrotestosterone levels due to an increase of testosterone in your body. The PROSTATEgen test is recommended for males over 65.

Breast Cancer & HRTG Testing

Thanks to developments in screening, testing, and treatment, breast cancer survival rates are rising. Our FEMgen test analyzes genetic mutations that are involved in the breakdown of estrogens in the body, assisting with early evaluation. This genetic test is recommended for females who have a family history of breast cancer. It is also a helpful test to assess the side effects and risks associated with hormone replacement therapy.

Well-Being Anti-Aging Genetic Testing

Our Well-Being test provides a preventative genetic profile dedicated to anti-aging. It covers your detoxification capacities, cardiovascular disease risks, skin, bone, and dental health. It also assesses weight management, as well as your physical and mental fitness. The results from the Well-Being genetic testing assist in shaping a strategic plan for your diet, micronutrients, exercise, and any recommended lifestyle changes. If rejuvenation and longevity are a priority, this test is recommended. Please get in touch with our experienced team to discuss your genetic testing needs..