10 Reasons Anti-Aging Isn’t About Your Looks

10 Reasons Anti-Aging Isn’t About Your Looks

There has been backlash recently about the anti-aging movement, with concerns that the term often criticises an aging appearance, especially among women. We share our top 10 reasons on how to celebrate aging and focus on full-body rejuvenation instead. Our curated testing and treatment anti-aging protocol extends the quality of your life and therefore, along with it, your lifespan.

1) Look and Feel Great EVERY DAY!

While many people may begin investigating anti-aging protocols and processes due to their appearance, they quickly realize there are far greater benefits, including the vitality felt throughout the body!

A great anti-aging protocol focuses on beauty from within. Building your program starts with a check-up and health screening to assess areas of weakness in the body. This can be a simple general profile or go deeper investigating hormone imbalances, cancer screening, or our comprehensive full premium profiling tests. Once your results are in, a diet, exercise, and treatment plan will bring vitality, no matter your age.

2) Anti-Aging Vitamin Boost

The bioavailability of nutrients declines as you age which can result in muscle loss, thinner skin, and changes to your stomach acid. The latter can drastically alter your nutrient absorption. To combat this, you can increase your superfood food intake, and adapt your exercise regimen. In addition, supplementation may help.

One of the most effective ways to get a quick vitamin and mineral boost is with our intravenous (IV) therapy. Choose from our Energy Booster or fabulous Beauty Booster IV. This has high-dose antioxidants that slow free-radical levels and increase collagen production.

10 Reasons Anti-Aging Isn’t About Your Looks

Replace lost nutrients with vitamin IV therapy

3) Oxygen is Your Friend

A decrease in your body’s ability to use oxygen is an additional side effect of aging. It becomes critical to raise the amount of oxygen in the blood to stay healthy and feel energetic.

Thankfully ozone therapy has been recognized for it ‘supercharged’ oxygen, reducing toxicity, harmonizing hormones, and consequently increasing the immune response and your energy levels.

4) Toxins Be Gone!

If you’re looking to reverse the advancement of aging, it’s known that poor habits need to be addressed. These can include cigarettes, excessive alcohol, poor eating habits, and stress. But did you know that pollutants and heavy metals create a burden on the body too?,They speed up the aging process and sending your energy levels crashing?

A detoxification protocol is helpful to reduce the stress of toxins on your liver. Our protocol cleanses your major organs but also supports the reintroduction of healthy nutrients. After treatment, you’ll notice improvements in your skin, the puffiness around your eyes, and a welcome increase in your mental clarity. Expect compliments!

5) Wine is Fine

We have the secrets on what to include in your diet to slow down the aging process – and it includes chocolate, wine, and coffee!

Sirtuins have been dubbed the ‘skinny genes’ for their ability to protect against weight gain and any neural pathway damage. They also slow down the aging process, shielding your cells and increasing your lifespan. Check out the Sirtfood Diet to find why foods like strawberries, walnuts, and blueberries activate the seven sirtuin genes. Remember to buy organic, non-GMO products when you can.

10 Reasons Anti-Aging Isn’t About Your Looks

Wine is great for anti-aging as it activates your sirtuin genes


6) I Like To Move it, Move it

Another way to activate your sirtuin genes is to do high impact exercise. By doing sports like high-intensity training, hot yoga, boxing, the cells in our bodies will go into survival mode. Anything that gets you gasping for air by the end works. This triggers fat burning and removes waste. Furthermore, you can also activate that fight-or-flight response with an ice bath or sauna. If this seems too daunting, start by exercising barefoot near water as this has anti-aging benefits too.

10 Reasons Anti-Aging Isn’t About Your Looks

High intensity workouts, like Muay Thai, activate  your anti-aging genes


7) Anti-Aging Skin Sages

The skin is often a major area of focus when discussing anti-aging. Your skin reflects what’s going on inside and taking care of it induces youthfulness and vitality. There are the obvious ways – moisturizer, serums, and facials – but you can also improve your skin’s condition with the antioxidants in herbs like turmeric, ginseng, and gingko. We also recommend you embrace the odd wrinkle – your face tells the story of your life, after all!

8) Telltale Telomeres

One of the hottest vocab terms for the anti-ager is the telomere. Telomeres are the DNA caps that sit at the end of your chromosomes to protect them from fraying. A tattered telomere exposes the cell to damage. Our telomeres shorten as we age but the usual stress, diet, smoking, and a lack of exercise can also create wear and tear.

Science has caught on to the importance of lengthy telomeres to reverse any damage. At Lyfe Medical Wellness, we offer the SpectraCell Telomeres Test to check if they are shorter in relation to your age. From this, we can recommend lifestyle modifications and potential supplementation to correct it.

9) Swings & Things

One of the leading causes of health decline is an imbalance in your hormones. For her the decline in estrogen leads to menopause; for him testosterone levels gradually drop with age, impacting energy and sexual performance.

If you’re noticing hormonal changes, after comprehensive testing, we can offer bio-identical hormone therapy (BHRT). BHRT is a custom-compound blend to match your natural molecular hormone structure.

10 Reasons Anti-Aging Isn’t About Your Looks

Our customised bio-idential hormone replacement therapy can bring balance back to hormone changes


10) Fast or Fad?

If there is one trend that’s worth paying attention to, it’s intermittent fasting (IF). Rather than looking at what you eat (though this is still important), IF looks at when. More specifically, when you don’t eat. The mild stress that your body feels when you skip meals sends signals of threat. As a result, this stimulates cellular repair that slows down the aging process.

Extending the break that occurs when we sleep, we can kick in that beneficial fight-or-flight response. There are many ways to intermittent fast with popular methods include fasting for 14-18 hours per day.

One Last Thing…

Our final anti-aging note is to remember the power of positivity to maintain a youthful glow. Move on from the judgment of others (and yourself), live life on your term, and exude happiness. You’ll be amazed at how this can alter your appearance.

This approach also means that if you feel like Botox, fillers, or facial surgery is the right course of action for you – YOU DO YOU! In conclusion, if you follow the advice above, you are going to be feeling incredible, with the vitality to live life on your own terms! Enjoy!

10 Reasons Anti-Aging Isn’t About Your Looks


Botox is often used to reduce the signs of aging