Still Not Losing Weight? Medical Weight Loss Can Help!

Still Not Losing Weight? Medical Weight Loss Can Help!

Do you feel like losing weight is hard? Do you often think that you are doing everything you can, starting from maintaining a healthy diet to spending hours at the gym, and yet still not losing weight?

People might tell you to concentrate on the calories that you are consuming because weight management is nothing but simple math. But your body does not work that simply. Everybody has a different body type, and something that is working for your friend and giving them amazing results may not necessarily work for you. So, if you think you are facing trouble losing weight, do not strain your body by listening to people. Rather, consult a doctor and seek medical expertise.

In this article, I will be discussing the major reasons why you might not be losing weight even after putting in a lot of hard work. Along with that, I will also be discussing why you should take medical advice to bolster your weight loss process.

Here are some of the reasons why you might not be losing weight –

1. Your gut health isn’t helping you

If your gut health is not in the right place, then you will have a problem losing weight. A research study published in the Genes journal shows that there is a collection of good bacteria in your gut that plays a huge role in determining your health and weight. If you take care of your gut health by consuming probiotics and prebiotics, it will help you in reducing your body mass. Focus on including fruits and vegetables in your diet to make sure your prebiotics are happy and in order.

2. Your genetics is interfering

Another important factor that determines your weight loss process is your genetics. It does not matter what diet you are following and how much you are working out; your body will not be in the right shape if your genetics interfere.

Research shows that your gene impacts 70% of your body weight. So, if your genes are not letting you lose weight, stop punishing your body. It does not matter how much willpower you have; if this is a factor that is stopping you from losing weight, only a doctor-prescribed weight loss treatment can help you in weight management.

3. The kinds of medicine that you take aren’t helping

Have you looked into the medicine that you are taking? A lot of medicines cause weight gain. This medicine might be hindering your weight loss journey. For example, if you have diabetes, insulin can cause weight gain, and various steroids, antidepressants, and blood pressure controlling medicines might cause the weight gain problem. But how are they doing it? Do these medicines interfere with your metabolism and reduce it? The lower your metabolism is, the more difficult it is for you to lose weight.

4. Your portion size isn’t right

You should be following the portion size mentioned on the packaging of various foods that you are consuming. Then you might make the mistake of consuming more than you should have. Most of these food packages have wrong portions mentioned at the back of their packing. Furthermore, the details at the back of the packaging have not been customized for you. Every body type is different and has different needs, so following those recommended details might create a problem in weight loss.

5. You are skipping meals and then overeating

Do you think that skipping meals like breakfast can help you lose weight? Do you think that if you starve yourself? Make yourself hungry and then eat a lot in a meal, you will lose weight? If so, then you are wrong.

You will have to cut down on your calorie count to lose weight, but when you deprive your body of proper meals at a proper time, this can backfire. You might feel more hungry and end up overeating. The best diet plan to lose weight is to consume limited calories. This will help you maintain a proper diet.

6. Try Medical Weight Loss Program

You might think that none of your efforts are working. Only consulting a doctor will help you identify the problem in your body. Once you understand the problem, your doctor can suggest the best weight loss program. You could then move away from your regular diet and exercise and seek medical help.

Medical weight loss is undoubtedly the best option. As mentioned earlier, every body type is different, and something that works for your friend will not work for you. But when you visit a doctor, they find the best weight loss plan for you. It is also a much healthier way of losing weight as it will be a medically supervised weight loss journey.

A medical weight loss program is specially made for those who fail to lose weight despite a huge amount of effort. Here the doctor usually checks your body. This also includes running a few tests to find out everything about your body. Then the doctor plans a diet plan that will suit your body exclusively. This medically supervised weight loss service will help in controlling your cravings and improve your eating habits.

Obesity is a condition that can make individuals suffering from it very sick. Such individuals might develop heart diseases. Furthermore, obesity can cause MODS (multiple organ dysfunction syndromes). It has been scientifically proven that proper medical attention can completely cure obesity. A medical weight loss program is the best for people suffering from obesity or those who have a BMI (Body Mass Index) greater than 30.

Closing Thoughts

In a medical weight loss program, the doctor recommends the number of calories you must consume depending on your body type and also the exercises you must do every day. Remember, starving yourself cannot help you lose weight healthily. In fact, that might give rise to other medical disorders in your body. Nobody can understand the needs of your body better than an expert. So, if no weight loss services are working for you, consult a doctor and lose weight healthily.